Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Best Baby Buy??

The list could be endless when it comes to things that you buy in preparation for your baby`s arrival.

What has been your best buy that you couldn`t live without??

For me its two things; both I have found to be essential in my day to day life.

I have found that it goes to show you dont have to spend the earth on baby equipment as both my best buys were bargains.

First and most important to me is my nursing chair; I bought this in preparation for baby number 1 in March 2007 and am glad to say it is still going strong now 6 1/2 years on and nursing number 3!!!

It has got me through many a unsettled night with the boys and is so comfy I have to admit that I fall asleep in it far too often....I blame it on the reclining option and plush cushions!!

When we got it I was worried that it would not last very long as due to our small budget it was from the lower end of the value scale at £99. When researching the chairs I found some to be hundreds and hundreds of pounds. My £99 bargain has done us proud and I`m sure if I didn`t have one I would be alot more sleep deprived than I am now!!!!

My second essential is from Munchkin UK, their Deluxe Drying Rack has been a godsend to me.
Its only a few pieces of plastic but it saves so much time and space in the kitchen.

My mum got it for me when #3 was a few days old, I was still breastfeeding him at the time so didn`t think I`d find use for it.

How wrong was I??

I don`t know what I would do if it broke on me as my mum got it from Asda in the clearance section and got it for £1 and we haven`t seen it anywhere since except for online.

So then what is your live-without baby essential?? Will be interesting to see what everyone`s is xx

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Heinz Baby Pouches Review

A few weeks ago I started to wean Benjamin, so it was perfect timing when I was asked to review some pouches from the Heinz Baby range.

Product info

Heinz have just launched a new range of 20 easy-squeezy pouches.

They are available in a range of sizes; the 4+ month range have a RRP of 89p per 100 gm pouch, the 4-36 month range 89p per 100 gm pouch and the 7+ month savoury range RRP£1.19 per 130 gm pouch.

Available in a variety of delicious fruit and savoury recipes, each pouch is crammed with all the vitamins and minerals needed to help the little ones grow.

The fruit pouches provide 60% of a baby`s daily vitamin C requirement whilst the savoury pouches contain added iron which is essential for health brain development.

My opinion

The pouches were sent to me in a lovely wicker basket which had 10 random flavours from the range.
I thought that sending them in a basket for use afterwards was a lovely touch!

Having only just started to wean Benjamin I tried the 4+ and 4-36 month pouches first.

I prefer the idea of pouches rather than glass jars, mainly due to less packaging and the weight of them; when I have so many things crammed into my change bag saving weight is everything!!!

The design was eye catching and illustrated what was in each pouch clearly.

During the weaning process I have found that Benjamin prefers savoury flavours to fruit and desserts, so was intrigued to see which he would prefer!

Saying that he LOVED whatever flavour I gave him!!

I found them easy to use and they smelled amazing, I have to admit I did try a spoonful from each one and they were delicious.

Benjamin loved the textures and flavour combinations...I think that if he could talk he would of said that the Sweet Red Pepper, Tomato and Carrot was his favourite; as the photo shows below!! Please excuse the awful wall colour behind him, we are redecorating our lounge and have found awful 1970`s colours under the wallpaper!!!!

Have i got something on my face???
I will definitely be buying from the Heinz pouch range again and will be recommending them to my mummy friends.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Aarrhh...7 blogs behind in the UBC!!

What a week!!

This week has pushed me to my sanity limits....son #2 was sick on Tuesday so couldn`t go to play group on Wednesday and Thursday, keeping him entertained was fun!!

On Thursday a weird rash came up on his bottom but was feeling good so planned to take him to group on Friday.

Oh no he decides to be sick again Thursday evening...no group Friday!! So off to doctors we go first thing Friday to be told is just `viral` and will get over it in time.

Because he has been ill he`s been super clingy, not easy with a 5 month old, also he`s become really unsettled at night.

So combine feeding a 5 month old and a clingy, unsettled 3 1/2 year old I haven`t got much sleep since Tuesday.

This morning @1 am #3 starts vomiting and continues to do so every 20 minutes, a call to 111 advises us to take a trip to the out of hours doctors, to be told probably just caught #2`s virus. Tell me something I don`t know!!

So all in all I look like a zombie who has been dragged through a bush backwards.....lets hope I get some sleep this week and have healthier kids to allow me time to catch up with by blog challenge. xxx

Our London Visit

Last weekend my husbands side of the family and I celebrated my father-in-laws 70th birthday by taking a family trip to London.

Luckily my father-in-law owns a coach and mini-bus company so transport was sorted for us all.

12 of us in total went so after a few pick ups on the way we left for the capital.

Alfie was so excited as he has never been to London and had just done a school project on London, so was a fountain of random facts whilst we were given a mini tour of all the main attractions.

After a whistle stop tour we arrived at our hotel, unpacked and went down for dinner, which I have to say was gorgeous.

I`d always thought that the food served at Premier Inns and Travel Lodges weren`t that great, how wrong was I??? We had a 3 course meal which was amazing and great value too.

The main event of the getaway was going to see The Lion King at The Lyceum Theatre.

To put it simply it was AMAZING!!

Our view of the stage
It was a feast for the eyes and the costumes were out of this world.

The only thing that did put a dampener on the show was how hot the theatre was, within half an hour of us being seated everyone was starting to fidget due to the oppressing heat, unfortunately the heat was too much for my mother-in-law who became very ill and had to be taken back stage.

On the plus side she did manage to meet the entire cast and was luckily enough to get a poster signed by the entire cast too!!!

After leaving The Lyceum we were all buzzing so decided to take a quick late night walk around the Waterloo area, the capital at night is beautiful, the lights were amazing. I can`t imagine what its like at Christmas time!!
Us in front of the London Eye
 The weekend went far to quickly, and we will definitely be returning at the next opportunity for some more sight seeing and museum visiting.

Hubby said he would love to live in the city but I don`t know that I could.

Maybe I`m a snob and like all the green areas and beaches down in the South of England too much???

One thing I do like is that is never quiet and there are shops and cafes open 24 hrs with every kind of cuisine you can think of.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Review -Tesco`s Finest Ecuadorian Chocolate

Today something amazing fell through my letterbox......2 bars of Tesco`s Finest Ecuadorian Chocolate!!!

I am an agent or tester for the countries leading social marketing company, BzzAgent.

It was a nice change to find chocolate on my doorstep rather than a pile of bills!!

As soon as I opened the envelope I could tell by the packaging that these chocolate bars were of a higher quality then the norm.

The thick cardboard packaging gave a feeling of opulence and luxury, plus the designs were bright and eye catching.

I received a bar of 32% milk chocolate and 74% dark chocolate. They retail at £1.50 per 100 gm bar.

Now I am not a lover of dark chocolate so wasn`t too sure if I would like it but it wasn`t too bad, a little bitter for my liking but I`m sure that if you like dark chocolate it would be to your liking!! I gave almost all the bar to my mum who loves dark chocolate and it went down very well!

The 32% packaging looks so inviting and it didn`t disappoint.....the chocolate was so creamy and luscious, on the packaging it detailed that it would be sweet and malty with rich toffee notes, it soo did.

It was so tasty and rich that I couldn`t eat the whole bar like I normally would, which I suppose is good for my waistline!!

All in all its lovely chocolate and I will definitely be buying some in the future.

I have received these items for free and am giving my honest opinion.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Today, October 15th, is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

The remembrance day started in the USA in 2002 and is now recognized as a world wide day of remembrance in the parenting community.

I am truly blessed to have had 3 healthy boys but I have also lost 2 babies. I have had 1 live birth, 1 loss, 1 live birth, 1 loss and 1 live birth.

Both were unplanned as I was still on the pill but it doesn`t make it any easier to get over.

The second time I found out I was pregnant was 5 weeks before our wedding day on my hen do, I have been told the stress of planning the wedding stopped the pill from working efficiently, but who knows??? A few days later I lost the pregnancy, so our wedding day was had a shadow over it which only close family and friends knew about.

The fourth time I found out I was pregnant was a complete shock as son #2 was only 7 months old. Again I lost the pregnancy a few days after finding out.

Each pregnancy ended at around the 8-10 week mark, we are not 100% sure because of being on the pill, but the doctors estimated the dates by my blood hormone levels.

In a way I am glad that they ended before I`d had a chance to see them on a scan and bond with them even more than I had already.

Saying that it didn`t stop my mind going into overdrive the moment I saw a positive result.

Within a nanosecond I`d begun to imagine if it was a boy or a girl, picked names, wondered what career they would choose and began to plan our life around them. And all of that was taken away within a few days of knowing I was pregnant each time.

It was hard enough for me to deal with the loss of my pregnancies at such an early stage so I have no idea how families deal with late stage pregnancy loss, stillborn and infant losses.

I think about them every day and will never forget them even though we never got to meet them;  we have a private celebration when it would of been their birthdays.

So to everyone out there who has suffered a loss at any stage this is our day.

I will be lighting a candle for my two angels at 7 pm tonight in remembrance of them.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Leaving my little man :'(

Today we are off for a birthday celebration in London. We are staying over night as we are seeing The Lion King.
I should be happy to be spending time with the family but my family is  incomplete...it was decided best to not take my 3 1/2 yr and 5 month old as going to a noisy and bright show might be too much for them.
Also it wouldn't be fair on my father-in-law paying the huge ticket fee to only have to leave half way through because of a stroppy 3 1/2 year old!!
Even though I understand the decision I still want to have my babies by my side :'(
My mum is looking after the youngest and sister having the middle terror.
They will be fine I know but it doesn't stop it feeling wrong.
It's a weird feeling for me as with the first two I was ok with them staying away from me for their first sleep overs....maybe I'm hanging on to Benjamin as I know he is probably my last, but you never know!!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Silent Sunday

UBC #8 - Baby Brain

Ok, I have to admit it.....I have severe baby brain forgetfulness at the moment.

This morning a friend and I went out to our local shopping arcade.

We get out the car, sort the changing bag out and go to the boot to get pram out.

Open boot to find it empty??????????

Where are my wheels???????

Have I left them at home????

When did I last use them????

On the school run yesterday.

Panic starts to set in as I realise I must of left the wheels by the boot of the car to put them away after getting the baby and 3 kids all strapped in.


One embarrassing call to school head office later and I find out that a VERY kind mum has realised what has happened and handed them in!!!!

I don`t know who she so cannot thank her but it is nice to know that there are some nice people out there.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

UBC #7 Post Pregnancy Cravings

Have any of you had Post Pregnancy cravings?

I didn't have any specific craving whilst pregnant, although that never stopped me having an odd tub of Ben and Jerry`s here and there!!

Since having Ben coming up 5 months ago I cannot get enough of mackerel or sardines in tomato sauce on toast....weird eh???

Doe`s it mean I`m lacking in some vitamin or mineral and wanting to eat the fish to replace it??

Who cares?? I`m loving the fact that I finally like fish as I never really did pre-pregnancy.

One downside is the horrific breath and fish burps for the following few hours!!!!!!

My lunch today - Mackerel on toast...mmmmm

UBC #6 A `pressing` day @GoldHillOrganic

Over the weekend my family and I along with The PRMummy`s family went to Gold Hill Organic Farm for their annual apple pressing day.

Gold Hill Organic was one of the first organic farms in Dorset and has now been running for 25 years.
The husband and wife duo Andrew and Sara run the farm with the help of family and friends and the lovely Jane heading up the marketing side of the business.

We all had a brilliant day, as we`d never been apple pressing we didnt know what to take or how much so we rocked up with a couple of kilos of apples and a few 4 pint milk bottles.

Andrew and Sara were there to guide us through the `pressing` process.

We learned straight away that ideally we should of brought glass bottles to store the juice in not the plastic milk bottles......just gives me an excuse to start drinking extra wine ready for next year!!!

The apples were pulverized, then the pulp was placed into a hand press and viola.....apple juice.
If we had brought glass bottles to store it in the juice would of required sterilizing first in large cauldrons, but as had plastic bottles the juice was decanted straight into them.

The kids absolutely loved the whole process which kept their attention for ages, and that is no mean feat for 4 under 6`s!!!!!

After pressing the apples we took a walk around the farm, there is a quaint little tea room serving food cooked with their products and farm store stocked with loads of freshly picked organic goodies.
Tasting their hard work

The kids insisted on taking a look at the veggie patch so Jane kindly gave us a mini guided tour of the patch and poly tunnels, she even let the kids pick a few veggies to bring away with us.

A few of the out buildings have been converted into retail units that hold an art gallery, a florists and a glass blowing studio where the very talented Emsie teaches the amazing art of glass blowing.

 If anyone would like to introduce their kids to organic farming then I would definitely advise taking a trip to see Andrew and Sara.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

UBC #5 - Welcome to the 70`s!!

Ok then, post number 2 today.

In my earlier post I mentioned that my littlest man is ill and that I am shattered because of this.

What is the worst thing that your hubby could say to you when you are exhausted???

"Hunny, the boys and I have decided to start redecorating the lounge"

What??? Now...mid afternoon with no preparation????

We have been talking about starting it now for a few weeks, but not today when I feel like a zombie and with no preparation, we haven't even decided if we are going to paint or wallpaper, let alone a colour!!

Here are a few photos of what has been found under 3 layers of wallpaper.
Welcome to the 70`s

Who in their right mind has these colours for their lounge???

Fair to say we weren't planning on finding these alluring colours so will now have to paint it all white before we can either wallpaper or paint it.

Why is nothing ever simple and straight forward when it comes to DIY?

UBC #4

Ooops, only 5 days into the  Ultimate Blog Challenge and I'm already a day behind :'(

My 4 1/2 month old has a really bad cold and seems to be constantly attached to me.

He is only sleeping an hour or so at a time so we are both shattered, luckily hubby is helping loads with my 2 other boys.

I know I shouldn't use that as an excuse as I know many of you bloggers out there have big families and still have time to blog every day. 

I take my hat off to you if you can blog every day!!!

Will try and do another blog later on tonight xx 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

UBC Blog #3 - Guess my favorite film

Today I`ve decided to post a few quotes from one of my favourite films.

Let`s see who can guess the film!!!

"Write that down"

"Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair; it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere!!"

"Don't be a fool, wrap your tool"

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

UBC Blog #2...He rolled over!!

Benjamin rolled over properly for the first time today, in fact he did two in row covering half of the width of the lounge!!!!

Perfect timing for me to blog about it as I am already struggling to get a blog sorted for each day of this month.

My little man is growing up so quickly.

Almost 5 months old already, feels like only yesterday I was in labor and unexpectedly having him on my bed with all my family around me, I`d planned a water birth at the local midwife led unit; he obviously had other ideas!!

I will in time write about his rapid entry into this world....but that`s for another day. xxx

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ultimate Blog Challenge - Day #1

Right then , here goes....I`m going to try my hardest to complete the Ultimate Blog Challenge....31 blogs in 31 days.

I cannot promise a blog EVERY day but will try to publish 31 blogs in 31 days. Its going to be a mammoth task for me as I`ve only just started blogging so not very confident in my writing skills
and am feeling a little low at the moment as having a hard time with the brood.

Nothing has been done in the house for the last few days as my youngest who is 19 weeks has started teething in a big way, I have also started to wean him so I`m unsure which is causing him to be so grumpy and clingy.

I am hoping that having a task of a blog a day will keep my brain functioning as the lack of sleep is starting to take its toll.

A tired me with
my gorgeous
lil man.
Terrible selfie!!
My plan of what to do and when is coming together nicely as over the next few weeks I have a few days out planned to attractions in my area and a 70th birthday celebration weekend away in London where we are going to see the amazing Lion King in the West End.

So then blog number 1 down, only 29 to go!!!!!!!!!