Friday, 15 August 2014

It`s Poolemamma`s First Birthday!! #PMBirthdayBonanza

I can`t believe how quick the time has gone and am very happy to say that the Poolemamma blog and I will be celebrating our 1 st birthday in September!!

When I first started blogging a year ago I had no idea how much I would enjoy writing each post and how much it would become my therapy during my lonely maternity leave. Writing the posts helped me deal with fears and worries, discuss my plans, and generally get everything off my chest.

I have made some amazing new friends in the blogging world and hope to make many more in the future.

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart Emma Collins aka theprmummy for getting me into the blogging world; without her pestering friendly persuasion I would of never had the courage to start my own blog!!

To celebrate my 1st birthday I`m excited to say that I have been able to team up with some amazing companies to be able offer you loyal readers the chance to bag some great prizes.

During the month of September I will be posting give away`s for you to enter, so keep your eye`s peeled!!


Here are the confirmed companies so far that are involved in the give away`s, more to be confirmed in the next few weeks xx

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Summer Crafting Activities With The Help Of Baker Ross

As if on cue the lovely warm weather decided to change to dreary, wet and miserable weather just as the kids broke up for summer holidays!!!

I had been worried about what the weather would bring for the holidays and knew that in typical English style the weather would turn so had been looking for crafting ideas and activities to do on the inevitable wet days.

During my project research on-line I came across the great website of Baker Ross. They were looking for new bloggers to become part of their blogging network; I just had to apply and they chose me to be in their network!!

Being in the network means that I will receive a goody pack of crafting supplies to test on the kids a couple of times a year.

Baker Ross is a family owned company established in 1974. Since them they have increased their stock range to over 2000 crafting and art products, with over 65% of them being exclusive to them. So if you are looking for something unique then Baker Ross is for you.

When I received my first goody pack a few weeks ago and started to rummage through the catalogue I was amazed at the variety of products available, they literally have anything craft and art wise you can think of and the prices were really good too. If you are planning on making party bags for an up and coming party you could easily sort them in one read of the catalogue!!!!

This goody box was summer holidays themed and we received -

  • Mini Plastic Buckets - RRP £2.99
  • Stretchy Flying Animals - RRP £1.99
  • Sea life Stained Glass Effect Window Decorations - RRP £3.95
  • Tropical Fish Foam Stickers -RRP £2.99
  • Beach Hut Wooden Photo Frames - RRP £3.75
  • Beach Hut Ceramic Money Banks - RRP £5.96
  • Porcelain Paint Pens - RRP £9.99

The boys couldn't wait to get started on all the crafts but I told them that they would have to wait for a rainy day!! And as expected the rain came so for once they were happy to see the rain!

We first tried out the stretchy animals which, amazingly for the size of them, kept the boys happy and entertained for a few hours, playing target practice in the garden (in the rain!!) and competing against each other to see how far they could get their `pets`. Unfortunately we did loose one or two onto the roof but when they come in packs of 6  for £1.99 it wouldn`t really matter.

After a snack break we decided to try decorating the beach hut money boxes using porcelain pens rather than paint. This made the whole process so much neater with no paint splats everywhere and Alfie said that he found it easier to use the pens rather than a paint brush so got a better end effect. Now the finished articles are no masterpieces but they love them and have started to put their pennies in them already.

The next day was gloomy still so we invited some friends round and we tried out the Sea life Stained Glass Effect window decorations. These decorations turned out to be loads of fun and all the kids loved the fact they could hang them on their windows afterwards. My two chose to hang them on the patio doors so they could see them every morning as the sun rose straight into the window showing them off in their glory.
The only thing that became apparent was that the kids couldn't cut the shapes of film accurate enough to not overlap onto the next section, so the adults were drafted in!!

Sticky bitty fun time
Pretty window decorations
Now I know the quality and value for money that Baker Ross provide I will definitely be ordering from them in the future and we are all eagerly anticipating the arrival of our next goody box!!

I was provided these crafting products free of charge in return for my honest review.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Why Is Being Good So Hard???

Readers of my previous posts will know that I am trying, and I repeat TRYING, to loose 3 stone of my baby weight!!

The hardest thing out of all the weight loss preparations for me personally is meal times. Not the actual getting out there and doing exercise but being able to plan meals for all 5 of us that is suitable and not too filling.

Both hubby and I are trying to be good but this means that a minimum of four out of seven nights a week either he or I want a light dinner due to football or running.

When Alfie was born 7 years ago we decided that our family would always having our evening meals together, no matter what. We are lucky in the fact that hubby`s work hours allow us to do this as he is always home for 5.30 pm at the latest. Because of this I am finding it hard to eat healthily and keep the boys satisfied. I am used to making huge and carbohydrate loaded family meals like spaghetti bolognase, lasagne, shepherd pies, fish pies, roast dinners, home made meat pies, pasta bakes etc but when hubby or I am going to be doing exercise only a few hours later its not practical to make these.

I love the way when we sit together we chat about our day; finding out what the boys have learnt about at school that day and what they have done with their friends. I think it makes a family unit closer and the boys definitely seem to be better eaters compared to some of their friends who dont sit down at a table to eat.
All the boys have sat at the table as soon as they could sit up in their high chairs so sitting at the table is normal for us.

I can`t eat food too late as feel really sick so I have to eat when the kids do; I would happily eat salad or jacket potatoes every day but they boys want variety and filling up so no moaning at 6.30 pm just before bed "Mum...I`m hungry!!!"

My favourite, but not healthy dinner...Pasta bolognase bake

How do you find recipes that are healthy and family friendly?? 
What`s your favourite family dinner?? 

If you have any recipes for exercise friendly dinners please share them with me below, I need help!!! xxxx

Super Busy Mum

Friday, 1 August 2014

Which Running Shoes??

My running trainers have well and truly died a death!!

I got them for my birthday in April; they were only a budget brand so I knew that they wouldn`t last long but only 3 months????

I did get a sneaking suspicion that they were ending their running life as over the last week by feet and shins have been hurting during and aching after running. But cannot believe that I have literally run through the sole of the shoe!!

Looking back on my runtastic app I am astounded that I have actually ran/walked over 100 km since having them so I suppose they have done well.

Does anyone have any recommendations for mid range running trainers??? I can possibly afford up to £60.

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