Friday, 15 August 2014

It`s Poolemamma`s First Birthday!! #PMBirthdayBonanza

I can`t believe how quick the time has gone and am very happy to say that the Poolemamma blog and I will be celebrating our 1 st birthday in September!!

When I first started blogging a year ago I had no idea how much I would enjoy writing each post and how much it would become my therapy during my lonely maternity leave. Writing the posts helped me deal with fears and worries, discuss my plans, and generally get everything off my chest.

I have made some amazing new friends in the blogging world and hope to make many more in the future.

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart Emma Collins aka theprmummy for getting me into the blogging world; without her pestering friendly persuasion I would of never had the courage to start my own blog!!

To celebrate my 1st birthday I`m excited to say that I have been able to team up with some amazing companies to be able offer you loyal readers the chance to bag some great prizes.

During the month of September I will be posting give away`s for you to enter, so keep your eye`s peeled!!


Here are the confirmed companies so far that are involved in the give away`s, more to be confirmed in the next few weeks xx


  1. Happy 1st Blogiversay! Yeah! You have done a great job! Thank you x

  2. You're welcome :-) We should do more brainstorming and blog chatting. These summer holidays get in the way ;-)