Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Heinz Breakfast Range Review

The lovely peeps at Heinz foods were kind enough to send me some more of their range to try; this time a selection of their breakfast range.

Heinz sent us 3 flavours of their breakfast pots which come in 2 x 100gm packs RRP £1.19, a pack of Breakfast Biscotti 32 x 5gm biscuits RRP £1.99 and Creamy Oat Porridge RRP £2.15.

Benjamin loved the last range of pouches that were sent to us so I was sure that he would like them and sure enough he couldn`t get enough of them!!

I love the idea of having breakfasts ready to made to hand as getting 3 kids out the door on time in the morning can sometimes be a challenge!! 

The porridge pots are a brilliant idea. They have a great consistency as I sometimes find porridge too claggy, it was of a perfect consistency to feed on the go.....not too solid and just runny enough to feed on the move without running off the spoon.

An added benefit of the pots is that they provide one of your baby`s 5 a day and come with Heinz`s "Goodness Locked In" promise.

Ben loved the variety of the flavours but wasn`t overly keen on the Very Berry pot, I tried a few mouthfuls and have to admit that it had a very sharp taste to it.

Now to me the crowning glory for the Heinz Breakfast range is the Biscotti`s......an amazing amount of biscuits, 32, for an amazing price, £1.99. We used them not just for breakfast but for snacks during the day too. Ben couldn`t get enough of them and kept him amused too. They are now on my weekly shopping list.

I like my Biscotti`s!!!

I have to say that I will be definitely be buying from the breakfast range again.

Heinz, you have done good!!

***This review is of my personal opinion and all products were sent to me free of charge***

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Our First `Nit` Experience!!

I am ashamed to admit it but we have had our first `nit` experience today.

I have been told its nothing to be ashamed of but for some reason I am horrified, I know it doesn`t mean that my kids are dirty but I feel it.

The fact that this is the first time we have had nits and Alfie is nearly 7 is a nothing short of a miracle as alot of my friends children have had them!!!

This morning Alfie was complaining that his head was itchy so I had a quick look but as his hair is such a light blonde shade I didn`t see anything obvious. I`d always been told that nits were very obvious to see as were dark in colour, so me being me just assumed that he was clear and sent him to school.

All day the idea of him possibly having nits was playing on my mind and making my head itch!! So I decided to get some lotion from the chemist and treat him anyway.

So tonight I followed the instructions, applied the lotion, waited the 15 minutes stated and began combing through his hair.............................OMG there were loads of the little critters coming out!!!! I am mortified that I had not noticed that he had been scratching and that there were so many on him when I had checked earlier today and saw nothing.

How long have they been there??

I am going to repeat the treatment in 10 days as stated and just hope that there are not any more.

From now on I am going to be checking the boys hair every day!!!!!