Monday, 31 March 2014

The Home-Made Touch

For Mother`s Day this year I received 3 cards; one shop bought and 2 handmade by my two amazing sons.

The shop bought one was from hubby and got the kids to sign it, it was nice don't get me wrong but the other two were brilliant handmade creations.

I fell in love with them the moment I opened the envelope.

It melted my heart to think that they had spent time and effort making them at preschool and school, I will treasure them forever.

This is the first Mother`s Day that Jacob has been old enough to really get into doing anything by himself.  To add to the cuteness Jacob at preschool had planted some bulbs and decorated a flower pot for me. They have timed them to start to grow perfectly, they started to shoot yesterday afternoon!!

I don`t think I am ever going to get bored of the creations they make me........Even with the spelling mistakes.

Can you spot it?? xx

Design Your Own Mug Giveaway

Yesterday was Mother`s Day here in the UK.

I hope all you mummies and mummies to be were spoiled rotten??

Unfortunately Benjamin has been poorly over the last few days and has been resisting sleep, I was up from 5.30am with him, and with the clocks going forward it really meant the time was 4.30am!!!!!

So no lay in for me nor breakfast in bed.....(sobs quietly in the corner).

I was treated to 3 lovely cards from the boys and a big box of chocolates so the whole day wasn't a loss!

If you didn`t feel appreciated yesterday then here`s something to brighten your Monday.

The guys at Hobbycraft have given me a Design Your Own Mug Kit to offer to one of you lovely readers.

The kit from Dempsey Designs contains everything you need to design and paint your own mug

The kit includes

  •  1 white ceramic mug
  •  4 pots of ceramic paint
  •  1 brush
  •  1 sheet of adhesive alphabet stickers
  •  Full instructions.

To Enter:
  • Competition is only open to UK residents
  • Fill in the Rafflecopter widget below to verify your entries
  • Entries can be via comment, Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Closing date:   8th April 2014
  • If there is no form hit refresh (f5) and it should appear
  • You need to complete the mandatory entry first – Leave a comment
  • Rafflecopter will tweet, like and follow on your behalf making it really easy to enter
  • Really want to win the prize? Come back every day for bonus entries via Twitter
  • Terms & Conditions can be found in the Rafflecopter form below
  • Hobbycraft take responsibility of posting prize out to chosen winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, 22 March 2014

My almost 4 yr old son has found a wife!!

Aren`t childhood friendships amazing??

My middle child Jacob has been lucky enough to of found his best friend ,soul mate and what seems sometimes like his wife!!

Jacob and Myla have only 3 weeks difference in age and have grown up with each other as Myla lives opposite to me, Emma her mum, is one of my closest friends.

They are so cute together and are inseparable; they spend 3 days a week together at playgroup and spend most of the other 2 days a week together somehow but that still isn`t enough for these love birds.

Our 2 families also spend time together quite a lot at the weekends.

Most days the end of playschool involves one or both of them having a meltdown because they cant go to the respective others house for tea or to play.

I think its lovely they are such good friends but not when they are having there one of many a day squabbles. Most are usually over mundane things which is why Emma and I say they are like a married couple!!

Do you remember any of your childhood friendship??

Are you still in contact???

Do your children have good friends already???

This is my favorite photo I have of Jacob and Myla 

Having a lovers tiff!!!

Now we have paired off Jacob and Myla, we have Tilda and Benjamin!!!...also born 3 weeks apart...and no Emma and I didn`t plan to have all these babies at the same time, it just worked out perfectly!!!!

The look of love???

Monday, 17 March 2014

Mobile Madhouse Review

My kids are always nabbing my mobile phone to play games on it, then they start to fight about who`s go it is and it usually ends up dropped on the floor.

Because of this I have gone through so many different phone cases that I cant remember exactly how many!!!!

Mobile Madhouse is an online shop supplying amazing value mobile phone and tablet/ipad covers.
The selection is huge and cater for every taste.

My current phone cover was looking a tad dilapidated so jumped at the chance to review a cover from the guys at Mobile Madhouse.

There were so many covers to choose from but decided to go for a leather effect wallet style cover.

When going out without my usual changing bag to hold all my bits I was fed up of having to take a mountain of bits out with me every time I wanted to pop to the shops, so found this wallet and phone cover brilliant!!

The quality of the cover struck me straight away, I have a few covers which just felt flimsy and cheap but not this one!! The stitching looked great and it even had the smell of leather which I love.

The wallet holds 2 cards and has a little section to hold notes and a few coins. A strong magnet snaps the wallet shut when not in use.

The solid clip-case which you clip your phone into seems nice a strong and once in there is little chance of your phone falling out. The clip-case has nice big spaces in it to allow ease of the charger to be inserted and a custom shaped cut out in the back of the wallet to allow perfect pictures to be taken. This I found brilliant as have had covers before which have a generic cut out which covered part of my camera lens.

The only thing I have found annoying with this cover is I`m finding it hard to hold the phone to text etc with the cover folded behind it, but its just something I`m going to have to get used to!!

All in all I am very happy with my new case.

I was sent this product to review free of charge and all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

RIP Laptop

Its official, I'm laptop-less!!!

My good old friend gave up the ghost today; took it to my local shop The Laptop Fixers but alas nothing could be done!!!!

Until I can get a replacement I'm going to be posting from my phone so apologise for the lack of content and photos as I can't seem to get the hang of the blogger app.

If anyone has any suggestions for a decent replacement laptop please share as I haven't got a clue!!!!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pets - Do you have any??

What pets do you have?

As a Veterinary Nurse I am always being asked which pet is `best` to have with kids.

My answer is always...there isn`t a `best` pet; every family is unique so a cat may suit one family but not another.

My household pets consist of :-

  • 2 cats.  - Izzy who is 8 years old and my`first born` as she came along a year before my first son so is a real mummy`s girl!! She is a cross breed between a Bengal, Burman and a Snowshoe, I think she is beautiful but I am biased.
                     - Padddy, he is approximately 7 years old, we are not 100% sure as he was dumped on the doorstep of my veterinary surgery as a small kitten.

  • 3 rabbits..well at the mo its 12 rabbits as I breed my girls and have 9 babies!!!
                     - Hazel and Pepe are mini rex`s and have the most beautifully soft velvet fur. I have bred from both of these girls. They have been the best mums and have had 38 babies between them so far!!!!!!

                     - Nemo, is a mini lop and the daddy of all the babies with Hazel and Pepe.

I would love to have a dog one day but don't have the time to train one properly at the moment with the 3 boys, but we will definitely be considering having a pup once they are older and all at school.

Here are a few photos of our clan. xx

Pepe and Nemo

My beautiful Izzy

My 9 babies

The picture below is of two of my three boys and one of the baby rabbits. This photo is my entry into the Animal Friends Blogger Pet Pawtrait competition.

Not the best photo, I had hoped to photograph all 3 boys with all 9 rabbits but it was soon apparent that to get them all to sit still and look at the camera would be impossible!!!!!

The boys with one of the new baby rabbits

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Saturday Caption - 8th March 2014

Hey all......Saturday is caption day, can you think of a caption for this photo??

Friday, 7 March 2014

World Book Day - What a Wally!!!

Yesterday was World Book Day so today my eldest sons school asked them to go in dressed as their favorite book character.

Alfie informed me he wanted to be Wally from Where`s Wally. "Of course I said, no problems"...why did I say that??? We didn`t own anything with white and red stripes on......AAARRHH!!

Cue a random shout out on facebook and luckily a friend which some of you may know, Kara Guppy or AKA Chelseamamma came to my rescue, she had a complete dress up outfit of Wally!! So no manic cutting and sewing for me this year..phew!!

Here is my little man all ready to go to school this morning

And here is Alfie with his bestie, Chloe dressed as a girly Peter Pan

What outfits did you create or in my case not create for World Book Day??

I`d love to see some photos xxx

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What are you giving up for lent?

Uh oh its Ash Wednesday and I had completely forgot its the first day of lent!!

Every year I say I`m gonna give something up but never stick to it; I usually choose chocolate or ice cream or chocolate ice cream, but cave in within a few days.

This year I have decided that for the next 40 days I am going to give up letting what other people think of me get to me.

I constantly worry if I have made the right impression with new people I meet, have I said the right thing or fret about what my friends think of me....not for the next 40 days.

Lets see how it goes!!!

What are you giving up this year??

Monday, 3 March 2014

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

docrafts Goody Bag Giveaway

I`ve lost my crafting mojo.

Before the kids came along I enjoyed scrap booking and crafting; I even went along to a local scrap booking group every week and loved it.

Since having the boys finding the spare time to actually sit down, get everything ready and start a project without falling asleep on the table has been near impossible!!!

I have made a conscious decision to start to do more crafting with the kids in the hope to inspire me again, Easter is going to be the perfect excuse to restart crafting.

To help you start crafting more with the kids my friends at docrafts have given me the opportunity to offer you lovely readers either 1 x boys or 1 x girls crafting goody bag worth £9.99; the goody bags have loads of crafting ideas and supplies which include kid-safe crafting scissors, blank cards, stickers, felt shapes, googly eyes, glue etc.

Perfect for keeping the kids entertained this Easter no matter what the weather may bring!!!!

For crafting inspiration and supplies check out the docrafts website and store or follow them on their facebook page for up to date product reviews and offers.

To try and win a goody bag of your choice in time for the Easter holidays please fill out the rafflecopter entry form below.
Competition is open to UK residents only.
  • Fill in the Rafflecopter widget below to verify your entries
  • Entries can be via comment, Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Please read the rules below
  • Closing date:   30th March 2014
  • If there is no form hit refresh (f5) and it should appear
  • If it still not working check that your computer is running Javascript
  • You need to complete the mandatory entry first – Leave a comment
  • Rafflecopter will tweet, like and follow on your behalf making it really easy to enter
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Silent Sunday 02/03/2104

Saturday, 1 March 2014

milk&more Review

Mornings are always manic in the Wood household so running out of milk or bread is never a good situation!! 
Unfortunately it does happen quite often so when I was asked to trial the services of milk&more for a month I was very happy to oblige!!

milk&more is the modern take on the old fashioned milkman; except they don`t just deliver milk.

milk&more can deliver over 250 products direct to your door ranging from the obvious milk to eggs, fruit juice to cheese, potatoes to teabags to compost! 

A great bonus, I feel, is that you can add to or tweek your order right up until 9pm the night before your delivery is due. 
Perfect for when you have done the kids lunchboxes after they have gone to bed only to find out you have run out of bread! !

I have to admit that I have LOVED coming downstairs in the morning, opening the front door to find my order sat on the doorstep!!!

What a lovely sight to come down to of a morning!!

The pint sizes of the milk and fruit juices come in the old fashioned glass bottles which brought memories flooding back of spending many happy summers at my grandparents house on the Isle of Wight.

My favourite of the juices available has to be their tropical juice mix.......LUSH, the boys ask for a glass every morning now!!

Yes, I admit the prices of the products are higher than if you went to a normal shop, but for the ease of ordering up to 9pm the night before I`m happy to pay the difference.

Unfortunately my current financial situation isn`t going to allow me to carry on with my deliveries. But as soon as it improves I will definitely be restarting my regular deliveries.

I would definitely recommend milk&more to anyone but feel that it is of a great benefit to families who cannot always nip to the shop for essentials at the drop of a hat.

I was offered a free trial of milk&more services for a month in exchange for my honest opinion which I have given in this review.