Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pets - Do you have any??

What pets do you have?

As a Veterinary Nurse I am always being asked which pet is `best` to have with kids.

My answer is always...there isn`t a `best` pet; every family is unique so a cat may suit one family but not another.

My household pets consist of :-

  • 2 cats.  - Izzy who is 8 years old and my`first born` as she came along a year before my first son so is a real mummy`s girl!! She is a cross breed between a Bengal, Burman and a Snowshoe, I think she is beautiful but I am biased.
                     - Padddy, he is approximately 7 years old, we are not 100% sure as he was dumped on the doorstep of my veterinary surgery as a small kitten.

  • 3 rabbits..well at the mo its 12 rabbits as I breed my girls and have 9 babies!!!
                     - Hazel and Pepe are mini rex`s and have the most beautifully soft velvet fur. I have bred from both of these girls. They have been the best mums and have had 38 babies between them so far!!!!!!

                     - Nemo, is a mini lop and the daddy of all the babies with Hazel and Pepe.

I would love to have a dog one day but don't have the time to train one properly at the moment with the 3 boys, but we will definitely be considering having a pup once they are older and all at school.

Here are a few photos of our clan. xx

Pepe and Nemo

My beautiful Izzy

My 9 babies

The picture below is of two of my three boys and one of the baby rabbits. This photo is my entry into the Animal Friends Blogger Pet Pawtrait competition.

Not the best photo, I had hoped to photograph all 3 boys with all 9 rabbits but it was soon apparent that to get them all to sit still and look at the camera would be impossible!!!!!

The boys with one of the new baby rabbits


  1. All of your babies/ fur babies are beautiful! Izzy really is stunning too.
    We have a Collie/Lurcher cross named Baker and am English Spot rabbit named Bunny.
    I agree when you say there is no 'best' pet to have with kids. It's all down to how much time you have and what the temperament of the pet AND child is like haha.
    Loved seeing your photos.

    Best wishes, Danielle

  2. Beautiful Pets you have there, thank you for sharing them with us.

    I have a Pure Bred Campbell Dwarf Hamster Called Amy & A Harvest Mouse Called Tino