Saturday, 28 September 2013

Reliving a childhood memory....Conkering!!

Today we taught the boys how to play conkers for the first time.

For the last few weeks hubby and I have been keeping an eye out on our travels for any ripe and ready Horse Chestnut trees and realised that Meryick Park would be the ideal conker finding location.

Let battle commence!!
Meryick Park is huge and has what looks to be hundreds of Horse Chestnut lining the rugby and football pitches.

The boys spent hours collecting fallen conkers and had a whale of a time chucking up sticks into the lower branches to get fresh ones, I know some people wont agree with allowing them to throw sticks up into the tree but to me that`s half the fun!!

In the end they were able to collect so many that we had to limit them to be able to bring home one nappy bag full each.

We couldn`t remember if you had to allow the conkers to dry out slightly before playing with them so decided to prepare them for battle as soon as we got home. Plus I don`t think the boys would of allowed us to leave them for a few days as were desperate to play with them.

I thought we had some old trainers with laces in hiding in the downstairs cupboard but after half an hour of searching I gave up looking for them and took out the string in one of hubby`s old hoodies.

The boys loved being shown how to hold the laces and how to line up their aims.

They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was lovely to be able to show them what we used to play when we were little.

Its a shame that this world has become so health and safety mad that its frowned upon to play this with their friends at school.

I understand some people will get a conker or two in the eye, but is that not half the fun......dodging the conker too??

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Bargain Finder

I have been told by alot of my friends that I`m good at finding bargains when I`m out shopping and online...Does this mean I am just lucky to find them or shop too much??

I thought I`d put a few on my blog for you to enjoy too.

As soon as I find them I will post on here, with a link if I have a have found it online, plus a quick review of what I think about it.

Here is my first bargain...I found these amazing canvas shoes in Sports Direct, they are so retro and cute!!

I haven`t worn them yet but whilst I was trying them on they felt really soft and comfy.

In-store they are an amazing £4.50 and online only £3.50 but there is a delivery charge of £3.99.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Fun in the Pool with Caroline

Last week Benjamin and I were lucky enough to grab a space on the VERY popular taster session for Turtle Tots.

I hadn`t taken Benjamin swimming before this so was quite anxious as to how he would react to a swimming pool environment even though he loves splashing in the bath.
The lovely Caroline

As soon as we arrived at the lesson all my worries faded away.

The session was in a hydrotherapy pool which could hold no more than approx 10 people, so lovely and private.

The water was so warm it was like stepping into a gorgeous bath.

The instructor and manger of the East Dorset branch of Turtle Tots Caroline introduced herself and explained how the taster session would progress

Benjamin in his fetching pink swim nappy!!
Benjamin took to the water like a turtle (sorry for the pun!!), he started splashing around instantly and had a smile on his face the entire time.

Caroline went through step by step all the safety holds for the babies whilst they were in the water.

We were then ready to get started with the fun.....cue lots of splashing, giggling, singing of nursery rhymes (with a few word changes) and unfortunately a few tears.

The whole experience was amazing.

Seeing the smile on Benjamin`s face whilst learning an essential life skill and not to mention the bonding experience with him was priceless.

I would definitely advise anyone to give it a go.

I will now be taking a close look at the household finances to see if we can afford to carry on the lessons with Caroline.

A Final Farewell

Friday was a very sad day; my family and I, along with over 300 friends and relatives said our final goodbyes to my Auntie Rose.

Over the bank holiday weekend she was involved in an horrific car crash on the way home from a family camping holiday.

For reasons, still unknown, the car and caravan they were travelling in lost control and rolled multiple times.

Rose suffered massive head injuries. Due to the severity of her injuries she sadly passed away a few days later.

She was only 48 and leaves behind a loving husband and an 11 year old son.

Rosie was the life and soul of any given situation, and loved instantly by everyone who met her.

This was reflected in the number of people who came to say goodbye.

The sheer amount of people attending the service caused traffic chaos around the crematorium which required the police to attend and direct traffic; she would have loved to of known she caused traffic gridlock!!

The one positive, if any, that can be taken from this tragic situation is that Rosie had registered herself on the Organ Donor list.

In our family's loss, Rosie has given the chance of life and hope to families waiting for an organ transplant.

The whole situation has made me realise that life is precious and can be taken away at any given moment and has reminded me to live to the full as if each day is my last.

I have also made sure my donor card details are up to date.

Do you have a donor card??       If not please register now Organ donation

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Dreaded Vaccinations

An innocent looking Ben, sat in the doctors
 waiting room unaware what is
about to happen!!
Today was Benjamin`s 3rd and thankfully final set of baby vaccinations. 

I know that they are vital but I hate the fact that they turn him into a grumpy cling-on for 48 hrs post vaccination.

I hate being unable to settle him and it breaks my heart hearing him so upset and grumpy. Calpol is at the ready if he gets a fever, which he did for the last two sets of jabs.

Thankfully that`s it now for jabs until he`s a year old, downside is that I have to deal with his older brother who is due is pre-school vaccinations in the next month, plus the new nasal spray flu vaccination in 2 weeks.

Has anyone else`s children had the nasal vaccination??? Do they get poorly afterwards like some adults can after the injection??? Never had this with Alfie!!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Sleep......its a miracle!!

My smiley little man after 8 1/2 hours sleep!!!
Please excuse the darkness of the photo, I turned the flash
off so not to startle him!!
Ben slept 8 1/2 hours last night!!.....It may not sound like a big thing but for Ben it is. 

He went 7pm to 3.30am.

I was blessed with my first two boys as they LOVED their sleep, both were sleeping through the night by 3 weeks and in their nursery by 4 weeks.
Not my Benjamin....the most he has ever slept in one stretch is about 3-4 hours.

He was 16 weeks yesterday and I had really hoped he would be going through by now. 

I started to wean him last week as he was screaming for milk every 3 hours so maybe this has helped??

Or could it be because I put him in his gro-bag for the first time last night?? 

Who know but I am chuffed with him and I feel soooo much better for having a few more hours sleep, lets see if he does it again tonight and wasn`t just a fluke!!!

Monday, 9 September 2013


Well after much thought (and nagging from The PR Mummy) I have finally taken the brave step to blogging about my journey as mum.

I'm a thirty-something married mummy to three boys aged 6 years,3 years and 3 months. All footy mad already just like their dad.

I'm also a qualified veterinary nurse and I am a pet owner of several rabbits and two cats.

Thank you for joining me - feel free to leave a link to your blog so I can pop over and have a read.