Monday, 23 September 2013

Fun in the Pool with Caroline

Last week Benjamin and I were lucky enough to grab a space on the VERY popular taster session for Turtle Tots.

I hadn`t taken Benjamin swimming before this so was quite anxious as to how he would react to a swimming pool environment even though he loves splashing in the bath.
The lovely Caroline

As soon as we arrived at the lesson all my worries faded away.

The session was in a hydrotherapy pool which could hold no more than approx 10 people, so lovely and private.

The water was so warm it was like stepping into a gorgeous bath.

The instructor and manger of the East Dorset branch of Turtle Tots Caroline introduced herself and explained how the taster session would progress

Benjamin in his fetching pink swim nappy!!
Benjamin took to the water like a turtle (sorry for the pun!!), he started splashing around instantly and had a smile on his face the entire time.

Caroline went through step by step all the safety holds for the babies whilst they were in the water.

We were then ready to get started with the fun.....cue lots of splashing, giggling, singing of nursery rhymes (with a few word changes) and unfortunately a few tears.

The whole experience was amazing.

Seeing the smile on Benjamin`s face whilst learning an essential life skill and not to mention the bonding experience with him was priceless.

I would definitely advise anyone to give it a go.

I will now be taking a close look at the household finances to see if we can afford to carry on the lessons with Caroline.

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  1. We are big fans of Turtle Tots too! It actually inspired a new range of products MerMOO Olive - we have done 4 terms now :)