Saturday, 21 February 2015

Slimming World Week #7

Hey guys, well last night was week #7 of my Slimming World journey and I am happy to report that I had a loss of 1lb, taking my total to 9lbs so far!! I am so happy with that number so far as I thought that I would never loose any weight and stay the chubby mummy for ever. Its slow going compared to other people weight loss but I`m happy with it.

I am feeling so much better in myself, I have more energy and am generally more positive about everything in my life, I know its not a huge number but I have been able to go down a jeans size and am looking forward to the day that I go down another one!!

Slow and steady won the race xx

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Cheesy Pasta Bolognase Bake

Since starting my Slimming World journey one of the main things that I miss is cheesy sauces on my pasta bakes.

Not any more!! I realised that I could blend a tin of macaroni cheese and pour it over the top of my pasta. The syn value may be increased as I have` tweeked` the product as I have blended it smooth but I`m sure that it cant be too high, I feel it is definitely worth it as it tastes soooo good. I worked it out that for a 410gm tin it has 7 syns and divided into 5 portions then its about 1.5 syns each portion. Plus the cheese and milk, which can be either your healthy choice a or syned. I`d take a guess at each serving having approximately 3 syns each.

Cheesy Pasta Bolognase Bake - Serves approx 5, 

Syn Value - approx 3 syns per serving


200gm 5% lean mince
1x tin of macaroni cheese
200ml of skimmed milk
1x tin of baked beans
1x tin of chopped tomatoes
1x clove of garlic, chopped
1x small onion, diced
A big helping of mixed veg or any veg you want to add
2x beef stock cubes
80gm grated cheddar cheese
500gm dried pasta of your choice


  1. Sweat down the garlic and onions
  2. Add and brown off the mince.
  3. Mix in tomatoes, baked beans, vegetables and stock cubes.
  4. Simmer together slowly for apporx 20 minutes or till juices have thickened
  5. Meanwhile cook pasta as per packet instructions.
  6. Blend the tin of macaroni cheese with a hand blender with the milk.
  7. Place bolognase and pasta in apporprately sized dish and mix together.
  8. Pour blended macaroni cheese and milk mixture over pasta bolognase.
  9. Top dish with grated cheese.
  10. Cook at 200 till cheese bubbling and brown.
  11. Serve with salad or more vegetables.

Random Thursday Dinners

Is it just our household that has a random Thursday dinner?? Normally during term-time my two eldest Woodlings are at church kids club and have dinner there, so I need to cater only for myself, hubby and the smallest Woodling.

My normal food shopping day is on a Friday so our Thursday meal is a random mix of whatever is left in the cupboards and fridge/freezer.

But tonight being half term there were two extra mouth to feed. I looked in my cupboards and had a complete brain blank, I couldn`t find anything to make.

After searching the fridge/freezer I came up with a mixture of pasta, bolognase mix and vegetables, and do you know what it was lovely. The boys scoffed it down and then asked for seconds!!

Since being on Slimming World I have really missed my cheesy sauces as they are highly syned. In the cupboard I found a tin of macaroni cheese, checked the syn value and was delighted to find that the whole tin only had 7 syns, divide that into about 5 servings and its only about 1.5 syns per portion!! I blended the contents of the tin with some milk and poured it over the pasta bake and it tasted sooo good.

Check out the recipe HERE.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Slimming World Week #6

So after last weeks dismal loss of only 1/2lb I was determined to have a better week this week.

It began so good, I actually had a few hours last Saturday child free so I sat and planned all of the weeks meals in detail so I knew that I wouldn`t fall off the wagon.

How wrong was I?? For some reason on Monday I was in the worst mood ever and felt really down so fell off the wagon big time and ate half a Terry`s chocolate orange. It felt good at the time but I instantly regretted it. I felt so angry at myself for having the moment of weakness. I worked out the syn value and think I must of consumed about 25 syns as it is 2.5 syns per segment.....ooops!!

So to make up for it this week I went on two 5k power walks and ran the furthest I have ever run at one time, 3k on the treadmill in 26 minutes, I also did 6k on the bike and 2k on the rowing machine.

It paid off as I`ve had a loss of 1 1/2lbs taking me to 8lbs in total. I know its not a massive number but I don`t want to loose weight too quickly and then putting it all back on again and some.

This week I am going to keep on with what I did last week minus the chocolate incident!! With Valentines Day tomorrow and pancake day next week is gonna be tough.

Weigh-In Week #6

Starting Weight - 12st 5lbs
Current Weight - 11st 11lbs - loss of 1 1/2lbs

Total loss to date - 8lbs

Target Weight - 10st

Friday, 6 February 2015

Slimming World Journey Week #5

After last weeks gain I was determined to have a good week. Things dont always go to plan as I had a really busy week which resulted no planning of our meals so we had rushed and a little off plan meals.

Saying that I am happy that I had a loss of 1/2lb, its not much but I`m happy with that!!

Tomorrow for the first time in about 7 1/2 years I have almost 3 whole hours child-free so I am going to sit down with a nice cuppa with this months new Slimming World magazine and plan the next weeks meals to the last detail.

I know I should be planning on posts for this blog as I have been neglecting you guys over the last few weeks. Time seems to be speeding by, I plan to sit down and get a post written down but never seem to be able to do it. A BIG factor is that I have become addicted to crochet, I`ve only been doing for a few weeks but already have 3 projects on the go with more buzzing around my head. Stay tuned to see how they turn out.

Weigh-In Week #5

Starting Weight - 12st 5lbs
Current Weight - 11st 12.5lbs  - loss of 0.5lb

Total Loss to date - 6.5lbs

Target Weight - 10st