Tuesday, 29 September 2015

How Time Flies, But I`m Back!!

I can`t believe that I have published only 3 posts since the start of the summer holidays and feel really guilty about it. I can honestly say that I have been so busy over the last few weeks that sadly blogging has been the last thing on my mind.

With Ben starting nursery 3 weeks ago I now have 3 hours a week to myself , but what am I going to do with it I hear you ask?? Well sadly I am not going to be having some chill out time; instead I have decided to take my hobby of crocheting to the next level and have set up a new blog to document my patterns and creations plus a YouTube channel for video tutorials of the patterns. So my 3 child free hours a week will now be spent recording and editing video tutorials, plus writing and blogging about what I have created....am I mad??

The new blog is called Crochet Bliss UK, please feel free to take a peek...I hope you like what you see!!
It is a work in progress so please be kind!!

So then, hopefully I will be back publishing posts about the antics of the Wood family more often, see you soon xxxx

Friday, 18 September 2015

Darkmouth 2 - Book Review

I am so glad that one of my better traits to be been passed down to my boys is my love of reading. The two older boys love to read and are getting rather good at it!!

At school Alfie is reading at an age level of 11 years...not bad for an 8 year old!! Because Alfie is quite advanced for his age I do find it hard finding books for him to read that are challenging enough for him to keep an interest in the book but not too advanced in its context for him to understand.

Whilst searching on the internet for some new books I came across the Darkmouth series.

Aimed at a higher age range of 12 years onwards, Darkmouth and Darkmouth Book 2 -World`s Explode are 2 books in the new series about a boy who finds out that his family has a calling...they are Legend Hunters and its Finn`s turn to keep up the family reputation. Legends...A.K.A terrifying, human eating monsters are trying to invade our world but not if Finn has anything to do with it!! The books tell his story from finding out he is a Legend Hunter to how he tries to defeat them.

Alfie was sent Darkmouth 2 to read and give his opinion.

He was a little worried he wouldn't understand the book as it is a lot more advanced than any other book he has read as yet.

I`m not going to lie...he did struggle to begin with to understand how the book was written as it swaps from the main story to stories telling of previous battles etc but after a while he got the hang of it and began to really enjoy it.

He hasn`t finished it as yet as it is quite a long book with 455 pages but is thoroughly enjoying it and has even told a few of his friends to give the series a go!!

Darkmouth Book2 - Worlds Explode is available to order in kindle and paper format from Amazon by clicking HERE.

Alfie was supplied this book to review free of charge.