Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Learning Another Language with FlashSticks

I have always wanted my boys to learn another language but with the age differences between them I had to find a system that allowed their different reading levels to be catered for.

FlashSticks to the rescue!!

FlashSticks is a revolutionary method of learning a new language quickly and easily.

Richard, the founder of FlashSticks, wanted to learn Spanish quickly. He was taking lessons but wanted a more efficient and fun way to learn.
He found himself starting to write down the word he wanted to learn on a sticky note with a simple picture of the meaning of the word, the word in Spanish and the pronunciation underneath the picture. Different coloured notes helped him remember the gender of the word.

Being on sticky notes you could then stick the note on the actual item, the idea is that you repeatedly see the item and the language description next to it and learn to associate them together making learning quicker and more fun.

FlashSticks are available in many languages including Spanish, French and even Sign Language! There are multiple levels to each language starting at beginner right up to advanced when you are becoming fluent in your chosen language. Each pack has around 100 sticky notes to stick around your house or workplace. Click HERE to see the while range of languages available to purchase.

When I was approached to try FlashSticks I had never heard of them. After some research I was pleased to find out that the price of each pack is very reasonable with a RRP of £4.99. I have looked at many other teaching methods but was put off by the high cost of each method, the price definitely got my attention!!

After explaining how each note worked the boys were really keen to start learning...to begin with we decided to stick the notes on the wall next to the dinning table so we could go through each note during dinner.

Only after a few days of the notes being there the boys were actually starting to pick up the words and quizzing each other. Every few days I tested them and amazingly they had remembered the words! We add new words to our learning area every few days so not to over load the boys; they are loving it. I honestly cant believe how quickly they are picking up each new word...I think that the pronunciation section makes a big difference as it allows them to break the word down phonically.

The FlashStick App has been created to run in tandem with your sticky note learning path. Available on both android and ios operating systems you`ll be very unlucky to find a device that wont run the new app.

The app is FREE and is a digital version of the sticky notes; you can track your progress on the app which shows you just how much you are learning.

FlashSticks app has a unique feature of the Worlds first object translator...you use your devices camera to scan an object and the app will tell you what the object is in your chosen language.

The boys love to scan random things when we are out and about to see what the app comes up with!

I would strongly recommend this learning system to anyone looking to learn a new language whilst having fun, the price is great and the different levels available will suit everyone.

Check out the video below of he boys showing just how easy it is to learn with FlashSticks.

We were provided the starter pack in Spanish to review free of charge in exchange for an honest review of the product.