Thursday, 19 February 2015

Random Thursday Dinners

Is it just our household that has a random Thursday dinner?? Normally during term-time my two eldest Woodlings are at church kids club and have dinner there, so I need to cater only for myself, hubby and the smallest Woodling.

My normal food shopping day is on a Friday so our Thursday meal is a random mix of whatever is left in the cupboards and fridge/freezer.

But tonight being half term there were two extra mouth to feed. I looked in my cupboards and had a complete brain blank, I couldn`t find anything to make.

After searching the fridge/freezer I came up with a mixture of pasta, bolognase mix and vegetables, and do you know what it was lovely. The boys scoffed it down and then asked for seconds!!

Since being on Slimming World I have really missed my cheesy sauces as they are highly syned. In the cupboard I found a tin of macaroni cheese, checked the syn value and was delighted to find that the whole tin only had 7 syns, divide that into about 5 servings and its only about 1.5 syns per portion!! I blended the contents of the tin with some milk and poured it over the pasta bake and it tasted sooo good.

Check out the recipe HERE.

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