Monday, 23 September 2013

A Final Farewell

Friday was a very sad day; my family and I, along with over 300 friends and relatives said our final goodbyes to my Auntie Rose.

Over the bank holiday weekend she was involved in an horrific car crash on the way home from a family camping holiday.

For reasons, still unknown, the car and caravan they were travelling in lost control and rolled multiple times.

Rose suffered massive head injuries. Due to the severity of her injuries she sadly passed away a few days later.

She was only 48 and leaves behind a loving husband and an 11 year old son.

Rosie was the life and soul of any given situation, and loved instantly by everyone who met her.

This was reflected in the number of people who came to say goodbye.

The sheer amount of people attending the service caused traffic chaos around the crematorium which required the police to attend and direct traffic; she would have loved to of known she caused traffic gridlock!!

The one positive, if any, that can be taken from this tragic situation is that Rosie had registered herself on the Organ Donor list.

In our family's loss, Rosie has given the chance of life and hope to families waiting for an organ transplant.

The whole situation has made me realise that life is precious and can be taken away at any given moment and has reminded me to live to the full as if each day is my last.

I have also made sure my donor card details are up to date.

Do you have a donor card??       If not please register now Organ donation

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