Monday, 16 September 2013

The Dreaded Vaccinations

An innocent looking Ben, sat in the doctors
 waiting room unaware what is
about to happen!!
Today was Benjamin`s 3rd and thankfully final set of baby vaccinations. 

I know that they are vital but I hate the fact that they turn him into a grumpy cling-on for 48 hrs post vaccination.

I hate being unable to settle him and it breaks my heart hearing him so upset and grumpy. Calpol is at the ready if he gets a fever, which he did for the last two sets of jabs.

Thankfully that`s it now for jabs until he`s a year old, downside is that I have to deal with his older brother who is due is pre-school vaccinations in the next month, plus the new nasal spray flu vaccination in 2 weeks.

Has anyone else`s children had the nasal vaccination??? Do they get poorly afterwards like some adults can after the injection??? Never had this with Alfie!!

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