Saturday, 22 March 2014

My almost 4 yr old son has found a wife!!

Aren`t childhood friendships amazing??

My middle child Jacob has been lucky enough to of found his best friend ,soul mate and what seems sometimes like his wife!!

Jacob and Myla have only 3 weeks difference in age and have grown up with each other as Myla lives opposite to me, Emma her mum, is one of my closest friends.

They are so cute together and are inseparable; they spend 3 days a week together at playgroup and spend most of the other 2 days a week together somehow but that still isn`t enough for these love birds.

Our 2 families also spend time together quite a lot at the weekends.

Most days the end of playschool involves one or both of them having a meltdown because they cant go to the respective others house for tea or to play.

I think its lovely they are such good friends but not when they are having there one of many a day squabbles. Most are usually over mundane things which is why Emma and I say they are like a married couple!!

Do you remember any of your childhood friendship??

Are you still in contact???

Do your children have good friends already???

This is my favorite photo I have of Jacob and Myla 

Having a lovers tiff!!!

Now we have paired off Jacob and Myla, we have Tilda and Benjamin!!!...also born 3 weeks apart...and no Emma and I didn`t plan to have all these babies at the same time, it just worked out perfectly!!!!

The look of love???


  1. They are amazingly cute, both little couples :) In my family there is one pair like this, both around 18 months old and already inseparable - but they're cousins, so I doubt it will evolve lol!

  2. Ha ha, just wait till he starts school. Our oldest (age 5) now has 3 girlfriends and can't decide which one to marry!!!!;postID=6904374195711269038;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=1;src=postname

  3. This is lovely! We were the first of our set of friends to have kids and so our kids will have to stick with being the cool older ones who boss everyone else around ;-)

  4. Awww how sweet, I still remember my very first best friend! It'll be someone he'll remember for the rest of his life probably :) x