Monday, 17 March 2014

Mobile Madhouse Review

My kids are always nabbing my mobile phone to play games on it, then they start to fight about who`s go it is and it usually ends up dropped on the floor.

Because of this I have gone through so many different phone cases that I cant remember exactly how many!!!!

Mobile Madhouse is an online shop supplying amazing value mobile phone and tablet/ipad covers.
The selection is huge and cater for every taste.

My current phone cover was looking a tad dilapidated so jumped at the chance to review a cover from the guys at Mobile Madhouse.

There were so many covers to choose from but decided to go for a leather effect wallet style cover.

When going out without my usual changing bag to hold all my bits I was fed up of having to take a mountain of bits out with me every time I wanted to pop to the shops, so found this wallet and phone cover brilliant!!

The quality of the cover struck me straight away, I have a few covers which just felt flimsy and cheap but not this one!! The stitching looked great and it even had the smell of leather which I love.

The wallet holds 2 cards and has a little section to hold notes and a few coins. A strong magnet snaps the wallet shut when not in use.

The solid clip-case which you clip your phone into seems nice a strong and once in there is little chance of your phone falling out. The clip-case has nice big spaces in it to allow ease of the charger to be inserted and a custom shaped cut out in the back of the wallet to allow perfect pictures to be taken. This I found brilliant as have had covers before which have a generic cut out which covered part of my camera lens.

The only thing I have found annoying with this cover is I`m finding it hard to hold the phone to text etc with the cover folded behind it, but its just something I`m going to have to get used to!!

All in all I am very happy with my new case.

I was sent this product to review free of charge and all opinions are my own.


  1. I've had one from them for my hudl, and its fantastic. Much better quality than others I've tried!!will be definitely ordering from them again! X


  2. This looks like a really good quality case - my kids steal my phone a lot too so I need a decent protective case! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. That looks like really excelllent quality, and very handy that you can pop your cards in there too. #TriedTested

  4. I love that you can pop your cards etc in to make it really multipurpose - though I'd be concerned about the added bulk.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  5. I love this and so handy to put cards in too, I'm popping over to their website to have a look :) #TriedTested x

  6. That looks really great!! I like there is a place for your cards :) x

  7. Looks snazzy! May have to invest in one as my 16mth old is always making a grab for my iPhone! #mmwbh