Friday, 1 August 2014

Which Running Shoes??

My running trainers have well and truly died a death!!

I got them for my birthday in April; they were only a budget brand so I knew that they wouldn`t last long but only 3 months????

I did get a sneaking suspicion that they were ending their running life as over the last week by feet and shins have been hurting during and aching after running. But cannot believe that I have literally run through the sole of the shoe!!

Looking back on my runtastic app I am astounded that I have actually ran/walked over 100 km since having them so I suppose they have done well.

Does anyone have any recommendations for mid range running trainers??? I can possibly afford up to £60.

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  1. No personal recommendation, but have you been to Running Free in Ashley Cross? They do your gait analysis for £10 and then you get £10 off any trainers you buy with them. They have a wide range to choose from

  2. I would definitely have a gait analysis and buy a pair for you.

  3. Wow, three months to burn through the soles? Good going. I think the new Nike ones are great (don't know what the proper name is but they have brightly coloured soles). Thanks for linking to #FitFriday