Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Why Is Being Good So Hard???

Readers of my previous posts will know that I am trying, and I repeat TRYING, to loose 3 stone of my baby weight!!

The hardest thing out of all the weight loss preparations for me personally is meal times. Not the actual getting out there and doing exercise but being able to plan meals for all 5 of us that is suitable and not too filling.

Both hubby and I are trying to be good but this means that a minimum of four out of seven nights a week either he or I want a light dinner due to football or running.

When Alfie was born 7 years ago we decided that our family would always having our evening meals together, no matter what. We are lucky in the fact that hubby`s work hours allow us to do this as he is always home for 5.30 pm at the latest. Because of this I am finding it hard to eat healthily and keep the boys satisfied. I am used to making huge and carbohydrate loaded family meals like spaghetti bolognase, lasagne, shepherd pies, fish pies, roast dinners, home made meat pies, pasta bakes etc but when hubby or I am going to be doing exercise only a few hours later its not practical to make these.

I love the way when we sit together we chat about our day; finding out what the boys have learnt about at school that day and what they have done with their friends. I think it makes a family unit closer and the boys definitely seem to be better eaters compared to some of their friends who dont sit down at a table to eat.
All the boys have sat at the table as soon as they could sit up in their high chairs so sitting at the table is normal for us.

I can`t eat food too late as feel really sick so I have to eat when the kids do; I would happily eat salad or jacket potatoes every day but they boys want variety and filling up so no moaning at 6.30 pm just before bed "Mum...I`m hungry!!!"

My favourite, but not healthy dinner...Pasta bolognase bake

How do you find recipes that are healthy and family friendly?? 
What`s your favourite family dinner?? 

If you have any recipes for exercise friendly dinners please share them with me below, I need help!!! xxxx

Super Busy Mum


  1. It's hard juggling meal times with something the whole family enjoys. I prefer to eat late (around 9pm) and struggle to eat earlier. This year, I've been doing Slimming World and all the family eat the same meals. I try to load pasta bakes with loads of veggies and serve with a side salad, make homemade burgers and wedges, eat lots of omelettes. I've shared many of our meals over on my blog if that helps with any ideas...

  2. I feel your pain, I really struggle thinking of healthy things that everyone will like! I'm doing WW but I lack any imagination with meals!! x

  3. That picture has made me so hungry! Looks like on of my fave meals too :) I'm trying to eat a bit healthier too but finding it so so hard! #MMWBH

  4. I am with Slimming World and I have lost 3 stone 2lbs.
    I get to eat, spag bol, sunday dinners, pasta and tuna, pasta bolognase, shepered pie, cottage pie, anything and everything (most). Its all about choosing the right things Such as -
    Mince.. choose the extra lean mince.
    Sausages choose the healthiest , healthy living Tesco Nume morrisons and weight watchers ones are fine.
    Cut fat off all meat.
    I can eat any meat and still loose weight.
    Change your sugar to sweetners and so on.
    With doing this and loosing weight I have noticed my portions have gone smaller because I cant eat as much as I used to! xxx

  5. I have to use my fitness pal to see how much I'm eating. I know it's not for everyone but it works for me! #mmwbh

  6. We find it hard - I often end up cooking 3 different meals as we all like different, but I'm like you, jacket potatoes, salad - I could live on these.


  7. When you find the solution please share! I need to lose my mummy tummy too.
    Jamie Oliver has a fabulous spinach and butternut squash rotolo recipe which might work for your family.


  8. It is really hard finding meals that everyone can eat and that suit all needs. Maybe try making some of the classics like shepherds pie and spag bol with Quorn instead of mince - it has a lot less fat! #MMWBH

  9. I agree with you. I'm struggling with the same thing: finding and making something healthy enough for my husband and I (and our little 8 month old daughter). What I found that's help recently is portion control. I hated cutting anything out of my regular diet--like you said: being good is hard. So, I don't. I just keep everything in moderation. Pair that with my exercise routine (just a 2 mile walk with my daughter daily), and I've lost 6 lbs so far. Not a drastic, I know, but it's something right?

    I hope this helps!

  10. I am trying again to lose LOTS of weight. Our LO is small so we all eat different things in our house. x #MMWBH

  11. I dont meal plan, when really...I should. I dont watch what I eat, although I am trying. Its tough to lose weight. Esoecially when that so called weight has gotten ever so overly comfortable! Good with it hun! Trying to do it myself! Thanks so much for linking up with MMWBH xx