Sunday, 20 October 2013

Aarrhh...7 blogs behind in the UBC!!

What a week!!

This week has pushed me to my sanity limits....son #2 was sick on Tuesday so couldn`t go to play group on Wednesday and Thursday, keeping him entertained was fun!!

On Thursday a weird rash came up on his bottom but was feeling good so planned to take him to group on Friday.

Oh no he decides to be sick again Thursday group Friday!! So off to doctors we go first thing Friday to be told is just `viral` and will get over it in time.

Because he has been ill he`s been super clingy, not easy with a 5 month old, also he`s become really unsettled at night.

So combine feeding a 5 month old and a clingy, unsettled 3 1/2 year old I haven`t got much sleep since Tuesday.

This morning @1 am #3 starts vomiting and continues to do so every 20 minutes, a call to 111 advises us to take a trip to the out of hours doctors, to be told probably just caught #2`s virus. Tell me something I don`t know!!

So all in all I look like a zombie who has been dragged through a bush backwards.....lets hope I get some sleep this week and have healthier kids to allow me time to catch up with by blog challenge. xxx


  1. I'm doing the UBC for the first time, as well. I DON'T have little ones (mine are 15 and 17) and they're NOT sick and I STILL have trouble keeping up! Just remember that each blog needs words...but there is no minimum amount. Hang in there! P.S. Do you have Facebook, Twitter, etc. for people to follow you?