Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Heinz Baby Pouches Review

A few weeks ago I started to wean Benjamin, so it was perfect timing when I was asked to review some pouches from the Heinz Baby range.

Product info

Heinz have just launched a new range of 20 easy-squeezy pouches.

They are available in a range of sizes; the 4+ month range have a RRP of 89p per 100 gm pouch, the 4-36 month range 89p per 100 gm pouch and the 7+ month savoury range RRP£1.19 per 130 gm pouch.

Available in a variety of delicious fruit and savoury recipes, each pouch is crammed with all the vitamins and minerals needed to help the little ones grow.

The fruit pouches provide 60% of a baby`s daily vitamin C requirement whilst the savoury pouches contain added iron which is essential for health brain development.

My opinion

The pouches were sent to me in a lovely wicker basket which had 10 random flavours from the range.
I thought that sending them in a basket for use afterwards was a lovely touch!

Having only just started to wean Benjamin I tried the 4+ and 4-36 month pouches first.

I prefer the idea of pouches rather than glass jars, mainly due to less packaging and the weight of them; when I have so many things crammed into my change bag saving weight is everything!!!

The design was eye catching and illustrated what was in each pouch clearly.

During the weaning process I have found that Benjamin prefers savoury flavours to fruit and desserts, so was intrigued to see which he would prefer!

Saying that he LOVED whatever flavour I gave him!!

I found them easy to use and they smelled amazing, I have to admit I did try a spoonful from each one and they were delicious.

Benjamin loved the textures and flavour combinations...I think that if he could talk he would of said that the Sweet Red Pepper, Tomato and Carrot was his favourite; as the photo shows below!! Please excuse the awful wall colour behind him, we are redecorating our lounge and have found awful 1970`s colours under the wallpaper!!!!

Have i got something on my face???
I will definitely be buying from the Heinz pouch range again and will be recommending them to my mummy friends.


  1. I so wish we had these when my two were younger - they look lovely! And that basket is a very nice touch. There was only one pouch brand available for me at the time, but I far preferred them over jars, any day! I also loved that you could pop them in your handbag in a hurry - and on the one (or two!) occasions I had forgotten a bowl & spoon, it was possible to squeeze gently directly into their little mouths. I know, bad mummy! Benjamin looks like he is loving weaning :)

  2. First of all, he is SO cute! Second of all, I LOVE these pouch things coming out! Easier to throw in the diaper bag and feed on the go - brilliant!

  3. My Niece has two little ones under 2 years, and I can certainly see these making her life easier. Thanks for sharing.