Friday, 11 October 2013

UBC #8 - Baby Brain

Ok, I have to admit it.....I have severe baby brain forgetfulness at the moment.

This morning a friend and I went out to our local shopping arcade.

We get out the car, sort the changing bag out and go to the boot to get pram out.

Open boot to find it empty??????????

Where are my wheels???????

Have I left them at home????

When did I last use them????

On the school run yesterday.

Panic starts to set in as I realise I must of left the wheels by the boot of the car to put them away after getting the baby and 3 kids all strapped in.


One embarrassing call to school head office later and I find out that a VERY kind mum has realised what has happened and handed them in!!!!

I don`t know who she so cannot thank her but it is nice to know that there are some nice people out there.

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