Thursday, 10 October 2013

UBC #7 Post Pregnancy Cravings

Have any of you had Post Pregnancy cravings?

I didn't have any specific craving whilst pregnant, although that never stopped me having an odd tub of Ben and Jerry`s here and there!!

Since having Ben coming up 5 months ago I cannot get enough of mackerel or sardines in tomato sauce on toast....weird eh???

Doe`s it mean I`m lacking in some vitamin or mineral and wanting to eat the fish to replace it??

Who cares?? I`m loving the fact that I finally like fish as I never really did pre-pregnancy.

One downside is the horrific breath and fish burps for the following few hours!!!!!!

My lunch today - Mackerel on toast...mmmmm


  1. Oh dear haha! I craved chocolate milk alllll the time! x

  2. I can't get enough grilled tomatoes on toast atm and definitely not pregnant.
    Straight after having the kids I made the most of brie