Saturday, 12 October 2013

Leaving my little man :'(

Today we are off for a birthday celebration in London. We are staying over night as we are seeing The Lion King.
I should be happy to be spending time with the family but my family is was decided best to not take my 3 1/2 yr and 5 month old as going to a noisy and bright show might be too much for them.
Also it wouldn't be fair on my father-in-law paying the huge ticket fee to only have to leave half way through because of a stroppy 3 1/2 year old!!
Even though I understand the decision I still want to have my babies by my side :'(
My mum is looking after the youngest and sister having the middle terror.
They will be fine I know but it doesn't stop it feeling wrong.
It's a weird feeling for me as with the first two I was ok with them staying away from me for their first sleep overs....maybe I'm hanging on to Benjamin as I know he is probably my last, but you never know!!

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