Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Today, October 15th, is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

The remembrance day started in the USA in 2002 and is now recognized as a world wide day of remembrance in the parenting community.

I am truly blessed to have had 3 healthy boys but I have also lost 2 babies. I have had 1 live birth, 1 loss, 1 live birth, 1 loss and 1 live birth.

Both were unplanned as I was still on the pill but it doesn`t make it any easier to get over.

The second time I found out I was pregnant was 5 weeks before our wedding day on my hen do, I have been told the stress of planning the wedding stopped the pill from working efficiently, but who knows??? A few days later I lost the pregnancy, so our wedding day was had a shadow over it which only close family and friends knew about.

The fourth time I found out I was pregnant was a complete shock as son #2 was only 7 months old. Again I lost the pregnancy a few days after finding out.

Each pregnancy ended at around the 8-10 week mark, we are not 100% sure because of being on the pill, but the doctors estimated the dates by my blood hormone levels.

In a way I am glad that they ended before I`d had a chance to see them on a scan and bond with them even more than I had already.

Saying that it didn`t stop my mind going into overdrive the moment I saw a positive result.

Within a nanosecond I`d begun to imagine if it was a boy or a girl, picked names, wondered what career they would choose and began to plan our life around them. And all of that was taken away within a few days of knowing I was pregnant each time.

It was hard enough for me to deal with the loss of my pregnancies at such an early stage so I have no idea how families deal with late stage pregnancy loss, stillborn and infant losses.

I think about them every day and will never forget them even though we never got to meet them;  we have a private celebration when it would of been their birthdays.

So to everyone out there who has suffered a loss at any stage this is our day.

I will be lighting a candle for my two angels at 7 pm tonight in remembrance of them.


  1. My brother died at just under 3 months old. Tomorrow would be his 35th birthday. It is so important for these lives to be celebrated somehow. I'm sorry for your losses.

  2. This is a beautiful post. I have a friend who lost one of her babies and her family continues to acknowledge her as a member of their family. It is very sweet. Thank you for sharing your story!

  3. So wonderful, authentic and honest. These words of you life birth hope and love and joy to anyone experiencing a loss, especially of a baby. Thanks again.

  4. sorry for loss. your post is heart touching. thanks for enlightening about this day.