Friday, 18 October 2013

Review -Tesco`s Finest Ecuadorian Chocolate

Today something amazing fell through my letterbox......2 bars of Tesco`s Finest Ecuadorian Chocolate!!!

I am an agent or tester for the countries leading social marketing company, BzzAgent.

It was a nice change to find chocolate on my doorstep rather than a pile of bills!!

As soon as I opened the envelope I could tell by the packaging that these chocolate bars were of a higher quality then the norm.

The thick cardboard packaging gave a feeling of opulence and luxury, plus the designs were bright and eye catching.

I received a bar of 32% milk chocolate and 74% dark chocolate. They retail at £1.50 per 100 gm bar.

Now I am not a lover of dark chocolate so wasn`t too sure if I would like it but it wasn`t too bad, a little bitter for my liking but I`m sure that if you like dark chocolate it would be to your liking!! I gave almost all the bar to my mum who loves dark chocolate and it went down very well!

The 32% packaging looks so inviting and it didn`t disappoint.....the chocolate was so creamy and luscious, on the packaging it detailed that it would be sweet and malty with rich toffee notes, it soo did.

It was so tasty and rich that I couldn`t eat the whole bar like I normally would, which I suppose is good for my waistline!!

All in all its lovely chocolate and I will definitely be buying some in the future.

I have received these items for free and am giving my honest opinion.


  1. Yes, chocolate has to be eaten in moderation. Too bad, because good chocolate tastes so good! So, as a former member of Weight Watchers, my slogan is "make every calorie count - eat the good stuff." (My Google search reveals Tesco is a supermarket chain in the UK? Because I have never seen this brand here in the United States. Just wondering!)

    1. Sorry, should have told you that I am Alana from the UBC. My user name on Blogger sites is bookworm.

  2. I'm actually a dark chocolate fan... and since I have sworn off sugar, I now enjoy making delicious treats with raw cacao and unprocessed sweeteners. Chocolate is just grand :)

  3. chocolate my favorite. would buy them once to taste it. your description has excited me :) happy UBC

  4. I am drooling at the thought of the milk chocolate! Sounds gorgeous. I am not a dark chocolate fan either.

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    Laura x x x