Sunday, 3 May 2015

I`m Popping My Britmums Cherry!!

I have finally taken the plunge and booked my Britmums ticket!!! I don`t have a sponsor yet so I am still on the lookout; hubby doesn`t know I have put the ticket on the credit card....sssh don`t tell him!!!

This will be my first big blogging event and am a bit daunted at the scale that the event is going to be. I`m not that confident so will probably be the one sitting quietly, taking everything in. I`m travelling with a lovely group of local bloggers so am hoping that being with people I know will increase my confidence.

Saying that I am not going to waste this opportunity; I am going to use this event to learn as much as I possibly can, bettering myself, improving my writing techniques, increasing my blog following. I`m also really looking forward to put some faces to names and make some new blogging friendships.

A tradition when you are attending Britmums is to introduce yourself via `I`m Going to Britmums 2015` meme/linky, so here goes...

Name - Jeni
Blog - Poolemamma Blogs
TwitterID - @poolemamma
Height - 5ft least I think so, that`s what I have been putting on most things all my life!!
Hair - I`ve just had my air coloured for the first time in a year so a mixture of blonde, red and brown tones
Eyes - Blue

Me straight form the hairdressers with a new do,
I doubt I`ll be able to recreate this look again!!

Is this your first blogging conference? - Yes, this is my first main blogging event; I did got to a bloggers social meet up in Exeter last year which was great.

Are you attending both days? - I am!! I am due to work the Saturday but have managed to swap my shift for the Saturday before, which is our 6th wedding anniversary. Hubby doesn`t know yet!!

What are you most looking forward to at Britmums 2015? Everything...the sessions, the atmosphere, the social aspect. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and putting some faces to the names we all know so well.

What are you wearing? Hmmm, not decided yet. I usually go for smart casual so most likely a pair of comfy three quarter jeans/chinos and a floaty top. The weather is a big deciding factor too, I hate being hot so layer up my tops so can take off a layer at a time if necessary.

Do you have any tips for to pass on to others who may not of been before? Nope, I`m a Britmums newbie, I`ll be able to answer this next year!!

So if you see me sitting quietly on my own, please pop over and say Hi!!

I’m going to BritMums Live


  1. Looking forward to meeting you Jeni xx

    1. And you Emma, will be lovely to put a face to your name!!!!

  2. I look forward to meeting you x

  3. Oooh how exciting... it is a bit daunting your first year, but once you've taken that first step to introduce yourself and make one new friend you'll find the rest so much easier :) I hope you've managed to break the news to hubby gently!!

  4. So glad you're popping you're BritMums cherry, Jeni - it's a most excellent cherry to pop!
    This year I'm one of the butterflies helping new attendees settle right on in so do make sure you come and say hello if I don't see you first! If you click on the link you'll know how to recognise me. See you soon! Ceri xxx

  5. It's all so exciting isn't it Jeni? I'm a newbie too so if you see a short arse looking bewildered that'll be me! I'm from Somerset. Hope to see you there! XO