Friday, 8 May 2015

Slimming World #15

After last weeks muscle injury and the resulting no exercise I was certain that I would of gained this week. Probably 2-3lbs, so imagine my surprise when I stood on the scales to find I had gained only a half a pound!!

I am totally shocked as I must admit I have been comfort eating due to no exercise, and I have to say I have felt crap for eating some naughty food.

This week I`m back on it and after many times of saying this I WILL get my Club 10 award so I need to loose 1 1/2lbs to reach this target.

I have loads of events coming up in the few weeks so must do good; Ben turns 2 and is having a little party, Blog Camp Bristol , Jacob turns 5 and is having a party, our 6th wedding anniversary and of course Britmums!!!!

My target is to be at least 6lbs lighter, hopefully more, in time for Britmums in 6 weeks.

See you next week xx

Weigh-in Week #15

Starting Weight - 12st 5lb

Current Weight - 11st 3.5lb - gain of 0.5lb

Total loss to date - 1st 1.5lbs

Starting Clothes Size 18/20

Current Clothes Size - 14/16, and in some tops even a 12!!!

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