Sunday, 12 April 2015

Weigh-in #12 - My Slimming World Journey

I`m am getting so bad at`s Sunday and I`m only just getting round to writing this post about Thursday`s weigh-in...ooops!!!!

I do have a really good reason for it this week though; on Thursday it was my birthday so had a much needed day off from everything.

I did go to weigh-in, which I am quite proud of. My consultant was very surprised to see me. I decided I was going to still go because if I made an excuse this week not to go then I would probably make another excuse next week and so on.

Not feeling very optimistic I stepped on the scales to be very happily surprised to of lost 2 1/5lbs!!!!!

I was happy and very surprised considering I had had a few naughty pieces of chocolate over Easter and did have the obligatory hot cross bun. After having the hot cross bun I wish I hadn`t as almost passed out when I found out that each average hot cross bun has 9-12 syns in and that`s not with the margarine!!!!!!

Even though it was my birthday I stayed on plan 100% and instead of a cake I made some of these gorgeous Half Syn Chocolate Brownie`s, which anyone on SW MUST try.

Now this week is going to be a struggle as I`m in the mid frame I`m going to have again; yesterday was Alfie`s 8th birthday and for a treat we took him to our local branch of Sprinkles Gelato Ice-Cream Bar. Now since starting SW my willpower has become stronger but nothing could stop me from having a naughty treat. I had a Ferrero Rocher sundae which was AMAZING, I daren`t not try and work out the syns on it as I have probably used my whole weeks allowance in one go!!

I would really like to loose at least a pound this week so I can get my Club 10 award....lets see if I can do it xx

Weigh-In #12

Starting Weight - 12st 5lb

Current Weight - 11st 3lb - loss of 2.5lbs

Total Weight Loss To Date - 1st 2lb - 16lb

 Clothes size 14-16, was 18/20
Super Busy Mum


  1. Well done on your loss.
    I'm having a fresh start with SW from this week onwards!

    Good luck on getting your Club 10!!

  2. Well done on your loss, and i hope you had a lovely birthday. Those brownies looks amazing xx

  3. I'm very impressed that you still went to class on your birthday!!

  4. Well done you! I'm not sure I'd go to group on my birthday! You're doing so well and it's definitely a great inspiration to read!

    Thanks for joining up with #Slimmingworldsunday

  5. Get you! Well done on an amazing weight loss missus and I am SO making some of those half syn brownies too!! Thanks for linking up with Slimming World Sunday! x