Friday, 6 March 2015

Slimming World Week #9

Today I went to an earlier weigh-in as I was passing after doing this weeks food shopping. Not being my normal evening group I was astounded as to how busy it was, I though our group was busy but there was a que a good 40 people deep waiting to get weighed, around the hall and out the door!! Just goes to show how popular the diet is.

This is week I kept to plan 99% of the time and went back to basics, I read the book from cover to cover again and filled up on speed foods till I was sick of the sight of them.

My perseverance paid of and today I had a loss of 3lbs!! Making a total loss so far of 11.5lbs since 2nd January.

Now the next few weeks is going to be either hit or miss as I am in hospital on Monday for surgery to have my gall bladder out. Exercise is a no no for at least 2-3 weeks after and I`ve been told that your appetite is greatly reduced in recovery. I`m just hoping to stick to plan as much as possible and just see what happens.

One of this weeks meals - Baked Eggs, lush!!
Weigh-In Week #9

Starting Weight - 12st 5lbs

Current Weight - 11st 7.5lbs - loss of 3lbs

Loss to date - 11.5lbs

Target Weight - 10st

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  1. Well done fantastic loss, I love following other peoples journeys, it helps me stay on track xx