Thursday, 12 March 2015

Normal Service To Resume Shortly!!

I have to give you guys a huge apology....I haven`t been around on the blog much for the last few months.
I seemed to lost my blog-jo, but I`m hoping its coming back!!

For a while I had a wobble in my blogging confidence. I felt that what I was writing wasn`t what people wanted to read, also my local blogging friends kept being offered amazing reviews and opportunities but I wasn`t which made me a little bitter. But now I have realised that I shouldn`t be writing to please other people; I need to write for myself and be true to myself, not be in it just for the perks!

Another reason for me being around less is that I have become worryingly addicted to crochet, all my spare time is being taken up with doing it. I would of never said that I could ever become addicted to a craft but I have. If I`m not working on one of my 5 works in progress then I am looking for new inspiration for my next project. I have to admit that I am loving it.

Just a few of my creations so far x

Normal service should resume in a few weeks as at the moment I am recovering from having my gallbladder removed 3 days ago. It had to be done and I`m glad its all over now, even though I feel like I`ve been hit by a truck. Because of this my slimming world journey has taken a slower pace as I haven`t felt like I wanted to anything since the op, I`m only eating because I know I have to to keep my energy up.

Nasty anaesthetist couldn`t find my vein :-(

Fingers crossed I`ll be back on plan by next week at the latest and hope that I haven`t done too much
damage to my weight.

See you soon xx


  1. Hope you feel better soon and get your mojo back. I always compare myself to other bloggers especially ones I know are newer than mine and it's hard not to to feel a bit downhearted sometimes! xx

    1. Thanks love, feeling alot better today, just stiff now!! I find it really hard to find enough time to write a post that I think is worthy of posting. Maybe as the kids get older it will get easier as I`ll have a tiny bit more `me` time xxx