Friday, 23 January 2015

Slimming World Journey Week #3

Today was weigh-in #3 since starting my Slimming World journey. The journey so far hasn`t been easy BUT it is getting easier!!

I never really got the whole idea of Slimming World or Weight Watchers as I didn`t like the idea of having to constantly count and weigh out what I was eating all the time. But with Slimming world there is minimal weighing so I don`t feel like I`m on a diet, I mean how can having a fry up every day be being on a diet??

The main thing that I have noticed since starting the diet is that I am not depriving myself of life`s little treats, I`m still having them just in moderation. I`m also making healthier choices when planning and cooking our meals.

So today I weighed in at the earlier group as it`s hubby`s birthday today and we are of out for a family meal tonight. I knew that I had been good all week except for my one moment of naughtiness when I gave into temptation and had half a big bag of Jolly Ranchers...I haven`t seen them for years and just HAD to buy them!! I was hopeful as I stood on the scales and was delighted to see that I had lost 3lbs this week...making a total of 7 1/2lbs in 3 weeks on plan.

I am in shock!

I am in shock! I have tried many diets over the years only to give up after a few weeks due to no results but this time I am definitely keeping to plan and I WILL be at my target for this summer. No more chunky mummy who doesn`t have photos taken or join in with the fun.

Weigh-In Week #3

Starting Weight - 12st 5lbs
Current Weight - 11st 11.5lbs - loss this week of 3lbs!!

Total Loss to date - 7.5lbs

Target Weight - 10st


  1. I'm always amazed by seeing how everyone eats loads of "naughty" foods on Slimming World and still loses weight - I really should look into it ! You're doing brilliantly and congrats on the first 1/2 stone card :) I have a weekly Sunday weigh-in linkie if you fancy joining in :

  2. That is what I love about this diet, you dont feel like you are actually on one!! The fact you are allowed 15 `syns` a day is great as is you are good with your food all day you can use your syns up by having a few chocolate bars!! Thanks for replying, I will definately be checking out your linkie xx

  3. That's great going, well done on your weight loss! I know it can seem a bit laborious but I'm all for calorie counting, I just use My Fitness Pal, I do weigh my food out but at least I get to have anything I like, just in moderation, much easier than faddy diets! Good luck for next week!

    Sharon xx
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  4. Yay well done on getting to the half stone mark! I am a believer in everything in moderation, if you deny yourself the little treats I think that is when binging is more likely. Hope you have a successful week x #sundayweighin