Thursday, 22 January 2015

Kitchen Gadgets + Fond Memories!

This is so sad I know but I am so excited to have this little beauty arrive in the post today!! I remember my Nan having one of these years ago and have many fond memories of her peeling the potatoes and then allowing me to chip them.

Being on week 3 of my Slimming World diet I have found a need to for this in my life again as I`m making a lot of chips from scratch and snacking on carrots and cucumber sticks during the day. I know this is another gimmick but I am certain that it is going to make my life easier and quicker at dinner time.

May be now I might let me kids help me get their chips ready as would of never of let them near a sharp knife before.

Do you have a kitchen gadget that you can`t live without??

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