Friday, 16 January 2015

Slimming World Journey Week #2 - Only 1lb down :-(

I was not looking forward to tonight`s weigh-in; even though I have been on plan 100% this week I just haven`t felt right.

Its been hard to stay on plan and keep focussed, may be because its the time of the month this weekend and all I want to do is snuggle on the sofa wrapped up a lovely cosy blanket and eat my body weight in chocolate. The unusual thing is that I haven`t done that even though I wanted to!!

So tonight I stepped on the scales with my eyes closed and waited for the "you have a lb gain this week" but I didn`t hear that I heard "great, a lb loss"....I am flabbergasted!!

I have returned home feeling much better about everything and ready to take on the next week and have a good loss, its gonna be hard as its hubby`s birthday and we are planning an afternoon out bowling and dinner afterwards.......I WILL BE GOOD.

Weigh-in Week #3

Starting Weight - 12st 5lbs
Current Weight - 12st 0.5lbs

Weight loss to date - 4.5lbs

Clothes Size - same as last week 16/18

Target Weight - 10st

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  1. Well done, I know we sometimes grumble about a pound but we would sharp notice if we had to shove a block off butter in our waistband wouldn't we