Monday, 1 December 2014

The Christmas Tag

This morning I read a great blog written by Laura called Loulabeth.

Laura had answered some Christmas questions called the Christmas Tag, these were questions about herself and how he celebrates Christmas, they were great questions so I thought I`d answer them too.

So here goes!!

1.What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
My favourite thing about Christmas is that it enables all of my family to be together for at least one or two days a year, enjoying each others company.

2.What is your favourite make-up look for the festive season?
I am a tad stuck in my ways when it comes to make-up and have had the same evening look for a while now. I love dark and smokey eyes with heavy eye-liner and mascara.

3.Real or fake tree?
I LOVE the smell of real trees and before the kids came along we had a real tree every year. But we now use the family heirloom of the 8ft Spruce tree, a lot easier to put away and no pine needles to deal with!! This year I am trying a product out called Scentsicles, they are small green hanging decorations to put on the tree with festive aromas, I have gone for Spruce this year.

4.Giving or receiving presents?
Obviously when I was younger it was all about receiving presents but with 3 young boys Christmas is totally and utterly about them so now I`m a giver.

5.Do you open your presents in the morning or evening?
If we have Christmas at home then the boys rush downstairs at some ungodly hour and rip them apart in minutes but if we spend it at either of the grandparents the boys are amazing and wait till after Christmas dinner is over with.

6.Handmade or shop bought Christmas cards?
I`d love to say home-made cards but with 3 boys I just dont have the time!! So shop bought cards all the way for me!

7.Favourite Christmas film?
Hmmm, now that`s a hard one! We bought The Polar Express as few years ago and it has become a firm family favourite. I personally like Love Actually.

8.Favourite Christmas food?
My favourite food has to be Christmas cake. I have very fond memories of helping my Nan to decorate her hand-made masterpieces. I have tried many times to recreate her creations, only coming close once. I will keep trying though.

9.Favourite Christmas gift?
My favourite gift ever has to be a bike when I was about 7 years old. My Mum was a single parent for a while and she struggled to get us what we wanted. One Christmas she came into our lounge where my sister and I were playing and she told us to get in the garage and cleat up the mess in there. We hadn't been in the garage but went in there anyway rather upset at being told off only to find a new bike for us each with ribbons on the handle bars and those click-clack balls on the wheel spikes.

10.What tops your tree?
For many years we had a lovely little vintage Santa but sadly last year he became just a tad too worn so we replaced him with a silver star.

xxx I`d love it if you would answer these questions too. Let`s all learn more about each other and get twitter buzzing with #ChristmasTag xxx

Leave me your blog URL below so I can be nosey and read your answers.

The Wood Christmas tree 2014 xx


  1. Loved reading this I will do mine tomorrow and link it back to your blog xxx

  2. I'm feeling thoroughly festive after answering these questions and looking at last years Christmas photos!!

  3. Love this.

  4. I love Christmas so had to take part! :)

  5. I like your tree! smells good too ;-) I will do my post soon x

  6. Yes to Love Actually! What a film, I could watch it on repeat and I'd be a-ok with that. We've just made our Christmas cake, and it's getting boozier by the day. Roll on Christmas!