Sunday, 2 November 2014

I cut Ben`s hair!!!

What have I done??

I very reluctantly cut Ben`s hair today, its needed to be done for a while as I haven`t had the heart to take him to a hairdressers again after his last experience. He hated it and came out with what can only be described as a bowl cut.

Now I am no hairdresser but I do cut hubby and Alfie`s hair, and I have been told I make a good job of it. Saying that I really didn`t want to muck up Ben`s hair as he is so little and it doesn`t grow very quickly, so if I made a mistake it would show for ages!!

Anyway hubby got everything ready and I found myself with the scissors in my hands. My hands were shaking as I made the first cut, but the nerves fell away like all of his lovely white blonde hair to the floor. We did have to bribe him to sit still with marshmallows, so the picture below of the after shot is with a mouthful of marshmallows!!

I have to say I dont really like the outcome as I can see bits that I haven`t cut properly and I wish I hadn`t gone so short on the front as he looks a tad monk like now with a rather high fringe!!!

How do you think it turned out?? Do you cut your kids hair or do you leave it to the professionals??

The before shot
The after shot, with a mouthful of marshmallows!!
The aftermath!!


  1. Ahhh he looks so cute! I have to cut my sons hair as he cries if we even walk past the hairdressers! I don't do a good job at all. The last time I did it I used clippers as it took too long with scissors, lol x

  2. Aww! He is just adorable....His hair looks fine!
    I cut my girls hair.....I am getting better at it....Some of the states they ended up in is laughable x

  3. You've a braver woman than me! It's hard enough putting the clippers over Paul's head, wouldn't even like to attempt Elliot's!! x