Tuesday, 4 November 2014

He shoots, he scores!!! Open Goaaal Review

Hands up who is fed up of their kids kicking balls over the neighbours gardens and then having to go and ask for them back very nicely??

Having no nice looking flowers or plants in their garden due to everything being smashed to smithereens by a ball??

Who is fed up with trying to move the enormous white framed football net around the garden, or trying to hide it when guests are around??

I know I am; my garden looks so bleak and boring with no colour or greenery.

My poor neighbours on all 3 sides of the garden must be absolutely fed up with our balls rocketing over the fences all the time.

Our neighbours to the left of us have a Jack Russell terrier who has a penchant for footballs so the boys many a time have gone knocking on their door to find a popped or shredded ball!! The boys keep getting upset about it and the neighbours very kindly keep saying that they will replace them but I have told them that its the boys fault and they need to learn to not kick the ball so high.

Open Goaaal have invented a solution to all my problems!! The main selling point of the Open Goaaal is that it stops any wide or over shot balls from going over fences or crushing your greenery.

It is essentially like a pair of curtains that, when the goal is needed, you draw across your garden between two fixed poles and peg out. But instead of curtains you have sports netting to include a goal area and an outer area to rebound your stray balls. When you are finished with it you just draw it back leaving the garden open again, so no more moving the giant white framed goal net around when trying to cut the grass!!!

I loved the sound of this product and was delighted when the boys were offered to give Open Goaal a try.

When the box arrived and I was astounded as to how compact it all was, I was expecting a gigantic box with loads of netting and hundreds of poles. Upon opening the box we found 4 poles, the netting very neatly and tightly packed, a lump hammer, a three way spirit level and all the connectors and bungee ropes required to set it up.

The instructions say that it is a 2 person job and can take up to 2 hours to put up. I definitely agree with the 2 person bit but it did take us only 1 hour to do.

We measured out exactly where the two poles where going to be in the garden, if your garden is quite narrow then Open Goaaal may not be for you as there is a minimum distance needed between the two poles to ensure that the net is installed correctly. Check here to see if it would fit in your garden.

One thing that I must say is that you could tell that this was a good quality product straight away as all the pieces felt sturdy and they had included everything you would need to install the goal netting. A quality lump hammer and three way spirit level was included so you need nothing else other than a few hours spare and some energy!!!

As with any husband and wife reading instructions an little argument did ensue but I personally found the instructions very clear and easy to follow, shame about hubby!!!!

The boys absolutely love the Open Goaal and I have to say it is one of the best ideas that have been invented for the sports in the garden. Yes it takes a few minutes to pull across and peg out each time but it gives you the freedom to have a sports area and a nice garden at the same time. Next summer my garden is going to be full of flowers!!!!

The goal comes in two sizes, standard and large and with a RRP of £149 and £169 respectively so isn`t the cheapest of garden products but I certainly agree that it is going to be worth the saved money on plants and the cost of balls alone!

Below is a little video I made of a goalkeeping training session Alfie had once the Open Goaal was set up, as you can see the netting caught all the balls and since we have had it set up not one ball has escaped the garden!!

Open Goaaal has scored an own goal with the Wood boys!!!

We were supplied the Open Goaal free of charge in return for a true and honest review of the product.


  1. Great review. We always lose balls over the fence when my football mad son plays in the garden!

  2. This looks great. Definitely something to look at when my boy starts kicking a football :) x

  3. Wow! A nice idea! This would be nice for my terrace as I am exposed/open to my neighbor. Nice review as well =) #mmwbh

  4. These are such a clever idea - wish our garden was flat enough for one! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  5. What a great review and I was approached for this and now looking at it I am glad I didnt go for it as my garden would not have supported it, lol. Great for wee footballers though for sure! Thanks for linking up with #MMWBH x