Saturday, 11 October 2014

Our Water Babies Experience

I think that instilling water confidence in young children is an essential life skill.

Growing up each of my boys have had a short course of swimming lessons which I have then continued myself at weekends and holidays etc.

Both Alfie and Jacob are confident in the water so I hoped that Benjamin would inherit his brothers confidence and I was right; he loves the water. So much so that we have to constantly keep him entertained whilst in the water or he would be constantly climbing up onto the side and jumping in!!

Even though Ben has confidence in the water I started to research swimming lessons for toddlers in our area to help him learnt he building blocks to be able to swim on his own.

I found Water Babies - East Dorset and liked their ethos on lessons.

Water Babies classes run all around the country and you`ll be very unfortunate to not be able to find a class near you!!

My local franchise is run by the lovely Jo and her husband Steve Tolley. In 2005 Jo trained as a swimming instructor and hasn't looked back, Water Babies East Dorset has gone from strength to strength, now offering classes all over East Dorset.

When I took Benjamin for his first lesson he had just started to all of a sudden hate the water, I have since been told that its a normal phase which is sometimes called the `water wobble`!!! He clung onto me the entire lesson and typically only came out of his shell just as the lesson finished, but now we are on our 5th lesson and he loves it!

During each lesson we go through structured welcome song to Jo and the other babies. Ben loves this part as he gets to high 5 everyone, his favourite greeting.

Different songs and swimming methods are used in conjunction with each other to help create `triggers` in the child's mind so they know what's about to happen and help them learn to hold their breath for the underwater swimming. We say `Benjamin, ready, go` and then either trickle water over their face or push them under the water to swim independently up to the surface.

Sadly we are not supposed to take photos of us in the pool during lessons as we are in a public swimming pool so haven't got many to show you guys. But I managed to get a few of us getting ready for the lesson in the changing room but they are a tad blurred as Ben was so eager to get in the pool he wouldnt pose. My naughty sister did manage to grab one of us in the water at the start of the lesson this week....naughty, naughty!!!!

I apologise for having to see me in a swimming costume!!

One of the main rules of the lessons is that the children have to be `double` nappie`d. So basically they have to wear a normal disposable swim nappy underneath a neoprene outer tight nappy, this is to prevent any unwanted accidents leaking out during the lesson!

I have to say that going to these lessons have been great for both me and Benjamin; obviously for him to learn essential life skills but for also for me as I have been interacting with other mums and Jo is so friendly. Anyone in Dorset needs to give these guys a try, well worth it.

We have been lucky enough to of booked a place onto Water Babies well reknown and popular underwater photo shoot at the end of the month, check back soon to see how it goes!!!!!

A course of lessons was provided free of charge by Water Babies in exchange for a fair and truthful review.


  1. Hoping to join Water Babies next weekend and was unsure what to put Aidan in so lucky I saw your post. X

  2. Hi Ellen, In the photo Ben is wearing our own neoprene nappy but they do ask you to buy one of their own nappies which have longer legs and tighter cuffs around the legs and belly to prevent any leaks!! Bargain at £10 each xx