Sunday, 5 October 2014

I survived!!

Regular readers will know that last Friday I had a hospital appointment to be sedated and have an endoscopic ultrasound of my gall bladder.

To put it lightly I was bricking it!! Not the procedure but having a catheter in my hand, pathetic I know!!

Well anyway when I went into have my pre-op checks I mentioned that I was worried about the I/V catheter and the nurse asked me how I coped with blood test in my arm. I replied fine, I dont bat an eye lid as I had so many done when carrying the boys. "Right" she said lets put the catheter in there then, I was so pleased, and am happy to say it hurt less than a normal blood test as the needle was smaller.

Once the catheter was in place I was ushered into the procedure room which was really daunting as there were at least 8 people in full surgical gowns, gloves and masks....I was only having an endoscopic ultrasound!! I was laid on the bed and asked to lay in the recovery position. They sprayed the back of my throat with local anaesthetic spray which was rank...tasted like over ripe bananas. 

Last thing I remember is a nurse fiddling with the catheter in my arm and being asked to bite down on a mouth guard. Next thing I know its an hour later and I`m in recovery.....amazing, I don`t remember a thing and didn`t feel like I`ve had anything done. I shouldn`t of worried about a thing, it was the easiest thing to of have done.

Now I just have to wait for the results from the consultant to see if I need my gall bladder removed or to manage my `attacks` with medication. Watch this space!!


  1. Good luck! I have Crohn's disease and have had several endoscopies, and you are right - the spray in the throat is awful! I have always been awake for mine so I felt he camera going down my throat and into my stomach! I must admit, I would rather be sedated as it is awful trying to bit on the mout guard and keep swallowing to allow the camera to go down my throat and into my stomach!

    I do hope you get some positive results - keep us informed and take care you brave woman!

    1. Thanks for the reply Tracy. I really appreciate it as I know I am being a wimp and need to man up as some people have to go through so much more everyday. I hope that your condition is under as control as it can be and that you dont have to have any more endoscopies, if you do, definitely ask for sedation!!!

    2. Thank Jeni, my Crohn's is sort of under control via drugs and diet. I have to have regular endoscopies so will aske for sedation next time! I have to have colonoscopies too - and I can tell you having a camera stuck up the other end is worse lol, especially when you are awake! You don't need to man up at all either - any investigation is a worry. I just hope you get some good results - take care x

  2. Glad everything went well....I'm a baby when it comes to needles and always ask for numbing
    Good luck with the results x