Monday, 13 October 2014

Can I have my nice pre-schooler back please??

Can I have my sort-of well behaved son back please??

Since the start of last month when Jacob started school we seemed to of swapped my lovely little toddler for an angry, tired and grumpy little school boy.

No matter how much sleep we try to get him to have he is constantly exhausted; the other night he slept 13 hours straight and was still grumpy!!

Angel to demon!!

I know it takes a lot out of them starting school with the all the new routines to learn and the social interactions, but just wish I could have my Jacob back!! It is a surprise to me how is reacting to starting school as he was at pre-school 3 full days a week, with action packed days the rest if the week.

He is loving being at school and every day he can`t wait to show me his new picture book and tells me what he has done during the day whilst we eat dinner. But dinner is having to be earlier and earlier at the moment because if he hasn`t eaten by 5.30pm then all hell breaks loose at the dinner table as he is just too tired to be able to concentrate on eating.

Regression....oh my god regression!!!! It is probably to do with the over tiredness but he has also regressed on his toilet training, he was completely dry day and night by the age of 3 years old which I am very proud of but in the few weeks he has been at school he has had 5 `accidents` where he said he didn`t feel it coming??? Every day when I pick him up now I wait with baited breath to see if he is coming out in his own trousers!!

Also he has started to throw temper tantrums for the stupidest things..the other day I asked the boys to get undressed from their school uniforms, about 5 seconds later a blood curdling scream came from upstairs so I bolted up the stairs expecting to find a massacre of kind, but no. I find Jacob having a full blown kicking the floor tantrum because he couldn't undo the button on his t-shirt!!

Fingers crossed he will be able to build up the stamina needed as quickly as possible, or I may go a bit more greyer than I all ready am!!!!!!

Do any of you have new reception starters?? Is your child going through the same thing or is it just my little demon???


  1. I too have a new starter.... We don't seem to be doing too bad, but can tell on Friday that it's the end of the week. She is easier to start crying but no van behaviour ..... yet fingers crossed it gets easier for you both.

  2. Ah, I can relate to this. Little E also started in September and is also very tired. It must be a very big change for them. She keeps asking why the days are so long and can she go back to half days, bless. I miss her sooo much. x