Thursday, 1 May 2014

Real Nappy Week Days 1-4

Here is an update on how I have been finding Real Nappy Week so far.

Day 1 - Monday

Right, with my practice day of cloth nappies behind me I decided to take the ultimate test and go out with them on!!
We went to my local meet up of networking business and blogging mummies called Lemur Link Up and had all my fingers and toes crossed that we would be OK and stay dry!!

I put Benjamin in the Gro Via All in One nappy in the new Drift design. 

Assuming the position!!

I love the design on the nappy and found it really easy to put it on. The nappy is a popper design which at the moment I am finding a bit fiddly but am sure I will get the hang of it the more I use it.
I like the fact that you can adjust the amount of inserts in the nappy depending on the amount your baby wee`s.
We were out for just over 3 hours and changed him once; not because he was wet but I think I was worried it could leak and so was being overly cautious, over the course of the day I used a Charlie Banana, and Bambino Mio Solo. All with no leaks!!!!

Day 2 - Tuesday
Today we spent the day in as the weather wasn't great, first of all we used the Smarti Pants nappy; the thickness of the padding and inserts didn't fill me with hope as Ben is a super wee`er but to my surprise it coped really well with the huge amount of wee produced!! Again it is a popper design and I`m seeming to get the hang of them as this one went on like a dream.

We also used the Little Lamb Cotton Nappy, this has to be one of the cutest nappies I have ever seen...plain white in colour and really fluffy. Benjamin looked like a little lamb...haha, get it?? The Little Lamb uses a velcro closing system which is just like a disposable nappy, so I had no problems on that count! Because we were inside all day I didnt use the waterproof wrap supplied, plus I didn't want to cover up his cute bum!!

Day 3 - Wednesday

Wash day!!

I have to admit that as the nappies were bring being washed and dried today that I put Benjamin in a disposable to go out. Plus he has got really bad nappy rash, most likely from the fact that he has started teething again, not the new nappies. I kept in disposables all day and his bum seemed better.

Day 4 - Thursday

Today I been at work for a few hours so Nanny had the challenge of dealing with cloth nappies!! When I told her that Ben would be trialling cloth she was like "Oh I used cloth nappies with you Jenifer, I know what I`m doing". Yes mum, you may of used cloth nappies 32 years ago but things have changed a lot and boy did she get a shock when I dropped him off and gave her a lesson in modern nappies!!
I have to say I was worried about how she would do with them but as you can see by the picture below she was like a pro!!! I gave her the Tots Bots Eastfit V4 in their Hickory Dickory Dock design and she loved it, I think using the velcro rather than the poppers was easier for her first one to try.

Where am I at the moment with cloth nappies??

  • I am having to re-learn my nappy routine as in getting everything ready to hand as with disposable nappies I use the nappy to wipe any poo off Ben`s bottom and then wrap it up. I can`t do that with the cloth nappy so had to have a nappy bag open and ready to take the poo and wipes. I can now see why people use re-usable wipes as all I would have to do is wipe his bottom and put the wipes in soak with the nappy.
  • Washing and drying wise I am going to have to be more organised, as all of a sudden I seem to of run out of the cloth nappies and some of them are taking longer to dry than others.
  • After my first bad day with leakages I have come to realise that you need to change cloth nappies a lot more frequently than a disposable.
  • I am loving using the cloth nappies and the more I use them the more I feel that I may be converted permanently to using them, this is not a good thing for my bank balance!!!
If you would like to give cloth nappies a try but worried about the cost then go to the Nappy Guru`s website and receive 20% discount on all orders placed during Real Nappy Week.

Check back at the end of the week for an update on our journey and detailed description of my thoughts to each nappy supplied to me.

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  1. Sounds like you're doing fab hun!! My fave so far has to be the bambino mio solo that weve tried :D

  2. It's interesting for me to read because I'm due my first baby in July and am so unsure about what type of nappies to use as cloth seem like lots of extra hassle with a newborn! You seem to be finding you like them in spite of extra changes in the day though? Best of luck as you keep using them!xx

  3. I struggled so much the first couple of days last week as I had given away my disposables and found it hard to keep up with the washing and drying. I know what you mean about the wipes, I was already using cloth wipes so it wasn't too bad for me but I can imagine it being difficult with disposable ones.