Sunday, 27 April 2014

Real Nappy Week - Day 0, its been a wet day in many ways!!

Sooooo, I thought I`d start to try the cloth nappies on a day where I was at home so I wouldn't be caught out and about in public unaware and look like right numpty.

Good job I did!!

This morning, as we do every Sunday, we went to Alfie`s football match so decided to put a disposable on Benjamin. When we got home I whipped the disposable off and put on the Bambino Mio Solo in their uber cute traffic jam design.

I was apprehensive that I had fitted it properly but once Benjamin got up and started to crawl around it actually stayed on....YES, first hurdle down!!!

I have to admit that Benjamin looked rather cute prancing around with his cars nappy on!!

Within 10 minutes of having the nappy on and in true Benjamin style he decided to well and truly christen his new nappy. So it was a true baptism of fire for me, first change and it was a nasty one.

I found the whole concept of not using the nappy to help remove the worst of the poo really weird but I`m sure I will get used to it over time.

Over the course of the day Ben has used 2 other nappies; the Smarti Pants and the Charlie Banana ones, unfortunately both of them have leaked, resulting in a full clothing change needed.

I`m going to take today's experience as a positive learning step forward and hope that tomorrow will be better with no leaks as I am off to Lemur Link Up with my bestie for some networking and don't fancy a public mishap!!


  1. I tried cloth nappies with my twins and they leaked, couldn't get the hang of it so stuck to disposables sadly x

  2. We had a successful attempt with the Tots Bots first off the followed it up with the Charlie Banana which I found harder to fit - it contained a pretty impressive poo though. I think the fact that Amy isn't really moving around much is probably on my side!

  3. I have the Bambino ones for when Beth gets older

  4. How many times did you pre wash the nappies before using them and have you tried soaking any booster or inserts overnight? I use the nappy to get most of the poo of the just hold on to it tightly as I flush the loo to get rid of the mess. Keep trying its tricky at first but gets easier as you go along, I left you a blog link on the blogging mums club fb page that may help.

  5. You might not have prewashed them enough hun if they are leaking so much. If your a bit apprehensive about poop you could try disposable liners that may help you with the wanting to clean his bum with the nappy x