Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Before I go any further I apologise for this moaning post; I have had few hard days with the boys and am now exhausted. I have found that blogging my feelings has become my therapy so here goes!!

Am I the only mum who feels like the bad cop??

I don't know what the trigger was but over the last few weeks the boys have been on a mission to test my sanity. No matter what I say or do to them they just ignore me and do the opposite.

I have tried to be the nice mum who says yes to as much as physically possible but when all I get in return is naughtiness and attitude, why should I constantly reward the boys?? I don`t want to be the boring and horrible mum who always says NO but its getting to the point were that's all I am saying to them.

My usual day is to sort the housework out as quickly as possible whilst the boys are playing nicely. I say nicely very loosely, my definition of nicely is not killing each other!! Then I like to take them out somewhere to stimulate them and burn off some of their never ending energy.

Now then, I worked all day yesterday so hubby had the 3 boys for the day.
Did he do any housework???? NO.
Did he say no to the boys once all day? NO.
Did the boys behave for him?? YES!!
Did he spend the entire day out with the boys having fun whilst not giving the work at home a second thought?? YES!!

It`s not hubby fault in any way but they just seem to like him more and do what he says when he says it.

Why cant I spend more fun time with the boys and stop being the bad and boring mum??? I wish that there was some magical fairy who would come and do my washing and cleaning for me so I could take the boys out more. I try my best to balance keeping a clean house with being a fun mum but am struggling.

Sorry for the moan but it does make me feel a bit better getting it down in words xxx

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