Thursday, 29 May 2014

Artists in the making?

Last month the leading educational toy and art specialists Galt, started to run a series of `Mini Masterpiece` competitions on their website, winners getting their hands on an amazing bundle of crafting and artwork supplies.

Each month for the next few months they are featuring a different piece of classic artwork.

The artwork is downloadable and printable for us to create our own `mini masterpiece` at home; be it with felt tip pens, crayons, paint, glitter, stickers etc.

Last month The Water-Lily Pond by Monet was featured, this month it is the turn of Vincent van Gogh and The Starry Night.

I printed the black and white outline of the image from the Galt website and asked Alfie to create his own version of the classic painting.

Typically Alfie wanted to look up the original on the internet so he fired up my chrome book and off he went!!! Randomly he informed me that he knew all about Van Gogh and about him cutting his ear off as had been learning about him at school only last week!!!!

Once he was happy with what it should look like out came all the paints, glitter, pens, crayons etc that we own!!

Jacob decided he wanted to have a go too, so he got creative too.

Unfortunately Alfie and Jacob`s ideas of how it should look is far from the original. Saying that I love both of their efforts and the fact that they were getting creative; plus it kept them quiet for a few hours after being stuck inside during the usual great weather during half term!!! Great fun was had by all.

And not to be left out Benjamin spent the entire time the boys were creating trying to climb up and help!!

Here is the finished article, Alfie was very proud of his creation. Not too bad xxx

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