Monday, 14 April 2014

The Waiting Game

My fingernails are no more, they have been nibbled into obscurity waiting to hear which school son #2 will be gong to!!

At 10am Wednesday 16th April, myself and thousands of other mums will have either their heads buried in their laptops or phones glued to their hands as we wait to find out our primary and middle school places.

When I went through this with son #1 I wasn`t too worried about which school he got so never got why the other mums were so stressed about the whole thing.

It`s a completely different story this time around.

I can`t put my finger on exactly why I am more nervous this time....
Maybe because now that Alfie was so lucky to get into such a good school that I want the same quality of education for Jacob??
Or it could be my selfish side worried about the fact that if Jacob gets placed in another school how I am going to logistically get two kids to two schools that start and finish at the same time???

Either way we will all find out very soon...eeekkk xxx

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  1. I don't think it's exactly selfish to worry about logistics, it's tricky to deal with more than one school - and it would impact on the children. Siblings are almost always first priority after religious affiliation and children in local authority care, so I'm fairly confident on your behalf :D
    My youngest I already filled in a form for school lunches in September, so I guess I was confident!