Friday, 18 April 2014

Birthday cakes #1 & #2

Sorry I have been a bit quiet on the posts front over the last few weeks.

April is always a busy month in the Wood household as its mine and Alfie`s birthdays which are only two days apart.

I have been up to my eyes in planning not one but TWO parties for Alfie`s 7th birthday!!

In previous years we have planned one large event to include all of his friends and family. This culminated in a ridiculously large party last year with two joining church halls, a giant bouncy castle and over 40 kids being invited........NEVER EVER again!!

I vowed never to do a kids party on that scale again, so this year we planned two small parties; one for family and one for a few select school friends.

Of course when agreeing to two parties I completely forgot about having to make two cakes!!

Alfie is Minecraft mad and had previously asked for Minecraft themed cake, I decided to make a Minecraft cake for the party with his school friends and a chocolate overload cake for the family party.

And thanks to the help of Cake Angels and their amazing products below is my first creation.

My gorgeous birthday boy

Alfie`s second cake was going to be more of a challenge; if you don`t know what Minecraft is, its a computer game where the whole image is based around cubes with the characters and scenery all made out of squares. I had been researching cake ideas for a few months and finally found a template to go by. It seemed an easy idea to begin with but when it came to constructing the cake I realised that I may of bitten off more than I could chew!!!

The main body of the cake was going to be home made chocolate brownies and white chocolate rice crispy squares piled into a 3D scene.

The grass was the hardest aspect to create, but once I found the great piping nozzle set from docrafts it was a doddle.

The paper craft characters were a nightmare to glue together as they were so small but think that they turned out OK, don`t you???

To keep with the Minecraft theme I created personalised party bag name tags.

I wont admit this to hubby but I really enjoyed making both the cakes even though they took almost a whole week of creating start to finish and were devoured in only a few hours!!

Now to start planning my next baking mission...Benjamin`s first birthday cake next month!!


  1. both the cakes look brilliant. Well done on the mine craft one, looks brilliant, and each child could take home a square. It would have been the paper figures that would have defeated me as well.

  2. Aww happy birthday to Alfie and omg that cake with all that candy and shaved choc on it is no joke! Super amazing! <3

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    AL xx
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