Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Perfect Christmas Eve Box

Since having the boys the meaning of Christmas has completely changed for us.

When it was just us hubby and I were quite selfish and really spoiled each other. Now we spoil the boys rotten!!

Each year I want to create lasting memories for the boys as I have such find memories of family Christmas` from my childhood.

One thing I have been meaning to do for a fair few years now is to make a Christmas Eve box, but never got round to doing it for them. This year I have decided to make one each for the 3 boys.

Because I don`t want to take the excitement of Christmas day away from them by having a box heaving with presents I have decided to do a basic but fun box. Here is what I intend to put in them.....

1. Christmas PJ`s - Nothing compares to the feeling of new cozy pj`s and its even better if they are Christmas themed! I know some people like to buy pj sets that can be worn all year round but I love seeing all my boys in matching clothes...even though I hated it when I was younger with my sister!!

2. Christmas Themed Book - There are so many different types of Christmas themed books on the market that I didn`t know where start....I fell in love with the RNLI`s take on the Christmas story. Incorporating the amazing institute that is the RNLI the book tells the story of how they save Christmas by helping out Santa when he gets into trouble. Each book can be personalised with your childs name to make it feel even more special. To order your personalised book click HERE.

3. Christmas Film - What better way to spend Christmas eve than being all snuggled up on the sofa with a Christmas film?? We tend to watch the classic Home Alone which all 3 boys enjoy no end. In each box this year I am adding a little DVD of Christmas themed cartoons.

4. Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows- The perfect treat for any family film night...the marshmallows are a must!!

5. Reindeer Food - The boys love to sprinkle some glitter and porridge mix by the cat flap in the back door, they say its so that the Reindeer`s can pop their heads through the flap and have a snack!!

I haven`t decided what to put all the bits in yet...a decorated box or a sack. All depends on what I see in the coming few weeks before the big day!!

Do you do Christmas Eve boxes??

What do you put in them?? I`d love to hear all your suggestions xxx

 Some of the contents of my Christmas Eve box were received free of charge to be included in my box.

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