Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Chococake - A Chocolate Education

Hands up if you like chocolate and cake ( holding both hands up very high!!).

Recently I visited Chococake of Wimborne, Dorset and found that they have expertly combined both in one shop.

Wayne and Hazel opened up the shop in my local town of Wimborne a little over 2 years ago. They used their extensive knowledge of the catering business and combined their passions of chocolate and cake creating Chococake.

The store stocks an impressive range of Choco Chocolates which are made in the neighbouring town of Swanage. They stock anything that can be made from chocolate...VW vans. 3d robots, football boots, bunnies, chocolate logs, pumpkins...literally anything!!

Hazel and Wayne pride themselves on supplying their customers with quality chocolates and home made bakes using almost exclusively local produce thus supporting local businesses....something that I believe in strongly. For example the nougat and marshmallows are made down the road in Colehill and some of the vodka chocolates use vodka made in Dorset!! The range of home made bakes is immense, both Hazel and Wayne love cake making and have made some very impressive bespoke cakes as you can see below.

If I have to describe Chococake in one word it would be `passionate`. All the staff are passionate about their jobs and their products. Wayne blew me away with his knowledge of how each chocolate is made step by step, he even gave me a mini chocolate lesson on the differences of their chocolate compared to the mainstream chocolates....I was very impressed!

So impressed that I am hoping to be partnering up with Chococake in the next few weeks with an amazing chocolate give away for you lovely readers, so keep checking back to see what we have to offer.


  1. I don't go to Wimborne very often but the next time I do I will definitely look out for them - chocolate and cake, two of my favourite things ;) xx

    1. Oh Elaine, it is lush!! There are so many chocolates to choose from I`m sure that if you went every week you wouldn't be able to try them all in a year. And the cakes are to die for xxxx