Sunday, 31 May 2015

Father`s Day Gift Guide

Father`s Day is coming up in a few weeks and if like me you are stumped at what to get the man who somehow has everything already then this is the gift guide for you!!

Having to buy anything for hubby fills me with dread as he is quite particular, or should I say fussy!!

In my search for a unique present for him I have come across some great and unusual is my Father`s Day gift guide; some ideas are a tad out of our budget but I`m sure hubby would like them all the same!!

Braun cruZer5 Clean Shave - RRP - £89.99 

Now no Dad that I know wouldn`t love to have a new shaver! With its powerful triple action float system, the cruZer5 Clean Shave is the perfect choice of getting rid of unwanted facial hair at the touch of a button. The twin foils and integrated middle trimmer shave progressively closer whist at the same time being gentle on your skin. Even on 3-day beard, the cruZer5 delivers an impeccable performance cutting both long and short hairs in every stroke.

Fatbuddah Happy Sock 4pk - RRP £15

Socks yes, it seems a naff present but socks always go down well at any occasion. This lovely gift pack from Fat Buddah contains 4 pairs of their best selling socks, all in a funky designed gift box.

Dear Dad, from you to me RRP £12.99

As soon as saw this journal I fell in love with the idea of it.

From fromyoutome this journal contains 60 inspiring questions for your Dad to answer, allowing you to learn more about his personal life story. He answers the questions you wouldnt always think of straight away, then you will have a record of his thoughts to look back on in years to come.

The journal can be personalised by changing the front cover to suit your tastes; its also not specifically for Dads....Mum`s , Nan`s, Aunties, Brother`s, Sister`s, Grandad`s and many other relations are available too. Such a unique and thoughtful gift.

Meat Cuts Apron - RRP £17.99

For any discerning BBQ king this apron is a must-have!!

This high quality 100% cotton Meat Cuts Apron from Qwerkity makes a fun and practical present for any carnivorous cook who doesn`t know his flank from his rump!!

O`keefe`s Working Hands Cream - RRP £7.99

With hubby working with some really harsh chemicals he regularly gets very dry, cracked and sore hands. O`Keefe`s Working Hand`s Cream has been a godsend for him and he no longer gets split and bleeding finger tips and hands. It works by helping to replace lost moisture to the skin but also creates a barrier to reduce any further moisture loss. A great addition to any man`s skin care regime whether they are a builder or hairdresser.

Gorilla Glue - RRP £15

Gorilla Glue is one of the leading adhesives in the UK and has in its range a huge variety of glues like super glue, epoxy and Gorilla Glue Original. The Original can stick a wide range of surfaces together like brick, stone, wood and metal which other glues simply can`t do. There is also a range of duct tapes available in various sizes, all with quirky branding that would appeal to any DIY dad!

Honor 6+ Smartphone RRP £299

I want this as my next phone!! The new Honor 6+ has an impressive list of specifications...with its 5.5" display 1080p HD display (same as the iphone 6 plus!), videos and pictures look crisp and clear. A double lens camera allows the camera to take in twice the amount of light than a standard lens so blurry and dull night time shots are a thing of the past, plus the ultra fast shutter taking only 0.6 seconds to take a photo allows you to take a photo at lightening speed. It has a large memory of 32gb and a super long life battery which can allow up to 2 days between charges.

Men`s Pop Over Hoodie - RRP £39.99, on sale now £14.99

My hubby, as I`m sure most hubby`s love their hoodies. This classic black hoodie from Salt Rock deserves to be the staple piece of any man`s wardrobe. At the moment Salt Rock have a massive sale on so I am going to be stocking up the boys (and my) wardrobes!! I love all of their range from hoodies to casual shirts, to shorts, to skateboards for adults and children.

Double SuperCar Driving Experience - £60

Now this is my sort of experience!! From this Double SuperCar Experience gives you the opportunity to drive 2 supercars around a 3 mile track. Will you choose the Aston Martin V8, the Ferrari 360 or the Lamborghini Gallardo??

Fingerprint/Footprint Leather Bracelet 

From Times To Treasure these stunning bracelets capture your children/s, family`s or even pets finger/foot/paw prints in silver. They are then lovingly hand crafted into gorgeous charms or wrap around silver curls.

I love that silver fingerprint jewellery isn`t just for women any more, these leather bracelets are just stunning.

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