Thursday, 16 April 2015

Weigh-In #13 - Not A Good One

After last weeks nice birthday surprise of a 2.5 lb loss I was hopeful of a repeat this week, but alas it was not meant to be!!

Tonight I`ve weighed in and have gained 1.5lb. I had a sneaky feeling that it would be a gain as I have been away to see my nan on the Isle of Wight. My nan is 93 years young and is an inspiration to be around, she lives on her own in a 3 bedroom bungalow which is kept in a pristine condition...but she doesn`t believe in diets and that she must wait on her guests hand and foot. After much protest from myself I gave in and let her do her thing. This meant me being fed bread, rolls, cake, dinners and desserts that were no way Slimming World friendly in any way shape or form!!!!! As I was eating each meal I could feel the weight piling on!!

All tired out on the ferry back from Isle Of Wight

So the plan this week is to try and detox as much as possible so loads of fresh fruit and vegetables. Also I am planning on trying to increase my water intake. I`ve had some major headaches this week and can only think that I`m not drinking enough.

My aim is to loose 2.5lbs this week to get my Club 10 has eluded me for a few weeks now so its gonna be mine next week!!!


  1. Good luck and i am sure you will get your club ten, i have just started slimming world so i love reading how others are doing on it xx

  2. Bless her, I remember my Great Aunty Maisie being much the same - she'd have been mortified if we didn't accept her hospitality. 1.5lb isn't bad in the scheme of things.

  3. I had this gain myself the previous week but do you know what! In the words of Swifty SHAKE IT OFF! Its nothing you can't shift! So buckle down for a great week! Thanks so much for linking up with #SlimmingWorldSunday