Thursday, 30 April 2015

Slimming World #14 - I`ve Hit A Wall

No weigh-in for me this week as hubby has a football meeting; he runs the local youth football team for under 8`s. Tonight is the bi-monthly meet up.

Anyhoo, in some ways I am glad that I can`t get to group tonight. I seem to of hit a matter how hard I try I can`t get my weight down below 11st 3lbs.

This week I have upped my exercise levels and been on plan bar a naughty Cadbury`s Galaxy Salted Caramel bar, naughty but ohhh, so nice!

I ran 3k on the road on Sunday. If anyone tells you that running on a treadmill is harder then on the road they are lying to you!! I can comfortably run 4k on the treadmill but almost died at only 3k on the road!!! I`m guessing that on the treadmill you are kept at a steady pace and not going off too quickly and burning yourself out??

On Monday I even tried playing netball with the school mums for the first time in about 18 years!! I LOVED it, but it showed just how unfit I am as by the 2nd quarter I was huffing and puffing like a steam train! It was going amazingly well until I was pushed over and heard a very loud ping with shooting pain in my right calf muscle, it felt ok to begin with but within a few minutes I knew that I had done something big. 3 days on I still can`t place my foot flat to the floor without my leg feeling like its being pulled off and have a lovely swollen foot, from searching on the internet it sounds like I have torn my calf muscle. I haven`t been to the doctors as dont want to take an appointment for just a sore leg.

I`m hoping that this injury doesn`t mean that I can`t run the Run Or Dye race in July as the recovery period can be as long as 18 weeks...eek!!

So then, I`ve eaten good, hearty and on plan meals but still I weigh the same as last week. What am I doing wrong?? I know that the decrease in my exercise levels whilst my leg heals will make an impact on the weight loss but I`m getting to the point of quitting and I really don`t want that.

Let`s see what happens in the coming week xxx

Starting Weight - 12st 5lbs

Current Weight - 11st 3lb

Weight Loss To Date - 1st 2lbs

Starting Clothes Size - 18/20

Current Clothes Size - 14/16

Super Busy Mum


  1. Did you keep food diaries from the beginning? Maybe go through your old food diaries for inspiration! My mum has hit a wall with Weight Watchers so she joined Slimming World this week! x

    1. Good advice Elaine, will dig out my old diaries and concentrate on the weeks that i had good losses xx

  2. Don't give up you are doing so well and i am sure you will have a good loss soon that will motivate you to keep going x #slimmingworldsunday

  3. I've often heard that road running is much harder than a treadmill so that doesn't surprise me at all.

  4. Don't give up! Keep going.. I haven't got any advice apart from that, I've not done any exercise at all on the SW plan as I just don't have the time (sounds incredibly lazy but its true at the moment) but perhaps keep drinking lots of water, eat your syns and change up your meals. Good luck x

    1. Your not lazy!! One of my friends lost 4 stone in a year on SW without doing a single bit of exercise so it just shows how effective the SW diet is xx

  5. Just keep going!! The scales will catch up if you keep sticking to the plan

  6. Just keep it up missus and I am in total agreement with you, treadmills are SO much easier to run on than pavements etc. Thanks for linking up with #SlimmingWorldSunday

  7. Just keep sticking to the plan and I'm sure you'll feel like you get some where soon. My consultant said that once you hit the stone mark it can take a while for your body to keep losing. So maybe just push through?

    Thanks for linking up to #slimmingworldsunday

  8. Those choccy bars are yummy! So deflating when you hit a brick wall :( Do you drink enough water? That could be it if you don't x #slimmingworldsunday